The Neal Group, LLC is Warning Everyone that the IRS is Going After Taxpayers

Right Choice Tax Resolution announces the Internal Revenue Service is increasing its efforts to collect back taxes and find taxpayers who have not filed returns. The IRS has hired more revenue officers to contact taxpayers with balances due and hired more criminal agents to find those individuals and businesses who are not filing or paying taxes.


Jon Neal, CPA MST is the founder of Right Choice Tax Resolution Services, LLC and together with Alyssa Slater, CPA works closely with individuals and businesses who have Federal or State tax issues. Congress has increased the IRS budget for the first time in many years. The hiring of more IRS agents means an increase in enforcement actions. Levies on bank accounts, wages, and other assets have increased for the first time in ten years!


With this increase in collection efforts, Right Choice believes it is important for individuals and businesses with tax problems to get help to resolve their issues and not avoid them. There are many options available to resolve tax problems. Many people try to do it themselves but don’t know what those options are. They are afraid to work with professionals because they have heard stories of taxpayers being ripped off by unscrupulous tax resolution firms who take a person’s money but don’t do anything. Right Choice adheres to a strict code of ethics and works with individuals and businesses to explore all options honestly and find the right solution.


Right Choice understands things happen to people and we’ll treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve. With the increased collection action more levies could be issued if the taxpayer is avoiding the issue and not trying to work out an arrangement to settle their issue.

Installment agreements and offers in compromise must meet certain requirements to be accepted by the IRS. If not done correctly, the taxpayer could end up in an endless cycle of paying the IRS and not making any decrease in the amount owed.


Taxpayers who have not filed returns for many years are also at risk. Right Choice works with them to file the required returns with the IRS and get them back in compliance. This gets the stress off your back fast!


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