FUN game platform introduces value tokens, creating a new milestone for blockchain games in the 20th era

At the end of 2017, Cryptokitties opened the door to the game DApp, creating a single-day 14000+ daily active address record, which once caused an Ethereum transaction blockage. Starting from the crypto cat, the development of blockchain games has a blowout. As the number increases, players have gradually discovered the shortcomings of this type of game: mandatory trading, a single mechanism, virtual assets without strong endorsements, and no long-term holding value.

In the impetuous environment, the FUN game platform of Singapore’s Fortune Foundation silently launched a fair and transparent, open source code, decentralized game ecosystem – FUN uses blockchain technology to launch a household name that is well-known and easy to operate online. Casual games, and the introduction of digital tokens with commercial value, while reducing the threshold for participants to join the blockchain field, it also innovates the single-use attribute of “game currency” in traditional games.

The point that the FUN game platform is different from previous blockchain games with a single mechanism is that it not only uses the “transaction attributes” and “asset unique private characteristics” of the blockchain, but also introduces value tokens with liquid transactions as The consensus carrier makes the interests of the three parties of the game developer, operator and player highly consistent, thus building the entire consensus community.

With transparent smart contracts, users can check the code to clearly understand the behavior trajectories of operators and developers. The points, props, weapons, and characters in traditional games are often owned by the developer. In the FUN game platform, users have permanent use rights and ownership of all the above-mentioned categories. As long as users reach a consensus on the value of the exchanged items, This category can be traded.

It is reported that the FUN game platform will launch the first fishing leisure game in March this year, and introduce the BPOS token as the first commercial value token in the system. Fishing games, as well-known casual games, have almost zero game thresholds, which undoubtedly increases the participation of players. As a digital token issued by the B-POS team based on the B-POS ecosystem, BPOS has not only won the sponsorship of many fund companies and incubators in the Philippines, but has also gradually developed businesses that belong to the BPOS token circulation. Application scenarios.

The FUN platform is based on a decentralized fair, fair, and transparent mechanism, and the introduction of digital tokens that converge value consensus will create a new blockchain game milestone-a token circulation with commercial value that belongs to the new “blockchain + game” era system. The innovation of this system will provide newcomers with greater imagination and scenes to play and create.

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