Leading U.K. Neurosurgeon Helps Southampton and Basingstoke Communities

Leading U.K. Neurosurgeon Helps Southampton and Basingstoke Communities

Basingstoke, U.K. – As a leading spinal surgeon in Basingstoke, Mr. Ali Nader-Sepahi helps patients in Hampshire and Southampton deal with spinal injuries. He uses his vast experience at his clinic to diagnose and offer treatment for many spine-related conditions, while also contributing to his field as an industry expert.

Dr. Nader-Sepahi has been practising both his Basingstoke and Southampton neurosurgery clinics for over a decade, allowing both areas in Hampshire to receive the best specialist care.

At the clinic, Mr. Nader-Sepahi relies on a team of industry experts. Musculoskeletal physiotherapist Simon Orr has 18 years of experience in strength and conditioning.  Dr. Joanna Meikle as consultant anaesthetist. Dr. Roger Lightfoot is his consultant anaesthetist when he works in Southampton.

At both locations, Mr. Nader-Sepahi specialises in a variety of spinal treatments. In particular, he focuses on all tumours, syringomyelia, and Chiari malformations. He also specialises in microsurgical techniques, which he uses to perform fusions, decompression operations, and disc replacements.

In addition to his consultations at Spire Hospital, Mr. Nader-Sepahi sees patients as a spinal surgeon in Basingstoke at Candover Clinic. He also consults at the Wessex Neurological Centre where he holds a National Health Services post. His other memberships include those at The Royal College of Surgeons of England, the Society of British Neurological Surgeons, and the British Association of Neurological Surgeons.

Mr. Nader-Sepahi’s primary goal is to provide his patients with exceptional services. By performing surgeries and offering comprehensive treatment at his practice, he always strives to improve each patient’s overall quality of life.

He also aims to educate patients on spinal issues. On his website, http://www.spinalsurgeryclinic.co.uk/spinal-surgeon-basingstoke.htm, he outlines why someone might seek out treatment. With these resources, future patients have a greater potential to recognise symptoms of spinal issues and seek the help they need.  

Mr. Nader-Sepahi is fee assured with insurance providers such as Axa, Bupa, and Aviva. Patients interested in his services can fill out a form on his website. They may also receive consults from him at Spire Hospital, Candover Clinic, or Wessex Neurological Centre.

Those interested in learning more about Mr. Ali Nader-Sepahi and his work are encouraged to visit the Spinal Surgery Clinic website at  http://www.spinalsurgeryclinic.co.uk/.

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