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Moving home can be stressful. The biggest Basel moving company has a reputation for reducing that stress with its professional service. To help reduce that stress even further, WAGNER Umzuge AG Basel has put together some important tips.

The biggest moving company in Basel, Switzerland has put together some tips to help reduce the stress of moving from one property to another. WAGNER Umzüge AG Basel, who provides local Basel moving services, as well as national and international moving services and self-storage and furniture storage has gained a reputation for their affordable, professional service, as well as making moving from one property to another stress-free.

The company that has been helping people to move people since 1934 has a reputation for reducing the stress of moving with their professional service. The following tips will help reduce that stress even further.

Tip 1: Label boxes with the room they are going in

A great way of saving time and being more organized is to label the boxes with the room where they are going to be placed at the new property.

Tip 2: Have a special box with screws and bolts from furniture and in a freezer bag

WAGNER recommends that when moving it is important to put all screws and bolts in a freezer bag, so they are safe and secure and don’t get lost.

Top 3: Vacuum seal clothing

A great space-saving idea and a great way to transport clothing are to use vacuum bags. They can be quickly packed, and they are easy to unpack once you arrive at your new home.

Tip 4: Plan before the move what items will be placed in which part of the house.

Tip 5: Defrost your refrigerator at least a day before moving

When moving to a new property, WAGNER recommends that you defrost the refrigerator at least one day before you move.

Tip 6: Pack as far as in advance as possible

Moving from one property to another is one of the most stressful experiences in life. However, when moving to Basel or further afield, by packing a few weeks in advance, it can help reduce that stress.

Tip 7: Pack Essentials the day before you move

When you move to a new property the day can be hectic, and all the items that you may need will be packed away. By packing a bag full of essentials, it will allow you to have easy access to the things that you may need. This can include a change of clothes, medications, paperwork, toys for children, phone chargers and other essential items. These items can be put in a suitcase.

Tip 8: Book WAGNER Umzüge AG early

It is important to book the largest Basel moving company early, so you have the date that you want to move confirmed. Knowing that you have WAGNER ready to move you to your new property helps to reduce the stress of moving.

Once a person books a moving service with WAGNER Umzüge AG Basel they will be allocated with their own designated contact. This excellent customer service allows the customer to have a point of contact to deal with any questions they may have about their move.

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