KASHER Capital, Inc Offers Attractive Financing for Start‐Ups, & Small and Mid‐Sized Businesses

KASHER Capital, Inc Offers Attractive Financing for Start‐Ups, & Small and Mid‐Sized Businesses

February 28, 2020 – Financial institutions have many blind spots when it comes to financing small to mid-sized businesses. KASHER Capital, a private lending and advisory firm, offers specialized funding for everyone without the barriers present in traditional mainstream financing. KASHER Capital has a huge lending capacity, from working capital loans of $10,000 to funding large acquisitions of over $100 million.

The term ‘financial orphans’ could be an accurate way to describe many small ventures, startups, and mid-sized firms. The backbone of the local, regional and national economy, they aren’t considered a matching fit for the criteria and standards banks, private equity or venture capital firms have in place.

We’re a leader in commercial financing and our mission is to help your business secure the right kind of financing that enables your firm to develop and advance. Whether you need to update your business or you want to expand your company, we have financing options that can help you reach your goals,” says Kenneth Asher, President and CEO of KASHER Capital.

Few businesses can expand or even survive without the timely infusion of capital. The requirements range from paying staff on time, buying new equipment, settling debt, hiring new workers, or all growth-related expenditures.

Moving to a new office, opening a new branch, or refurbishing the existing premises is no longer a dream. In commercial real estate, KASHER Capital offers recourse and non-recourse loans, funding for all types of properties, from faith-based real estate to hotels and multi-families, retail stores, offices, or owner-occupied (up to 130% LTV).

For running business operations, expansion and growth, KASHER Capital offers inventory financing, franchise finance, equipment financing, and sale leaseback financing. Working capital loans are available as accounts receivable financing, business lines of credit, merchant cash advance, purchase order financing or term loans. Other ways to raise capital that KASHER Capital helps with are private equity and M&A financing. Small firms can expect approval for SBA financing up to $5 million or $12 million with real estate.  

To book a free consultation and discuss the available options with the KASHER Capital team, call: 877‐460‐1403 or send a message at: info@kashercapital.com


KASHER Capital is a leading provider of specialized funding solutions for businesses of all types and sizes. For further information, please visit www.kashercapital.com

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