A revolutionary app for smart networking and contact management

A revolutionary app for smart networking and contact management

StayTouch is a new mobile solution that enables smart networking on-the-go. The app that lets users create and share e-cards with absolutely anyone keeping data privacy at its core, and also add smart notes automatically that helps remember meetings with the detail that matter.

Has it ever happened that you can’t remember where you had met a contact or some other detail that could define a personal or business relation?

Such faux pas are common – after all, you are only human. Yet, it is only natural to feel embarrassed in such situations and wish for a better alternative. Finally, one company decided to change things for better with a simple yet intuitive app that makes it a breeze to stay connected and expand your social network.

StayTouch, a mobile app launched by the company of the same name situated in California, is already making waves around the world by enabling people to exchange contact details in just a tap. `

“Paper cards are bulky and cumbersome, and also put unnecessary stress on the fragile ecosystem. With StayTouch, we ensure our users can share contact details in just a tap and also add notes to every contact so that they never miss out on the important details,” says Gaurav, the founder & CEO of StayTouch. He adds that the app allows users to have multiple profiles, such as professional, social and hobby – and they can choose which profile to share with whom to avoid any awkward situations.

The best part about StayTouch is that it makes it possible to share contacts by simply tapping two phones together. If they don’t have StayTouch installed yet, no problem. Just share your QR Code or Private/Public Profile link with them. Use StayTouch BCard Scanner to capture all your business cards, and all the contact details can be quickly & accurately read and saved.

Besides enabling smooth exchange of contacts and the ability to create different profiles for different occasions, the app also allows users to add smart notes in the form of voice, picture or text notes to remember minute details. Another useful feature in the app is the auto-update feature that automatically updates your contact list if anyone in your network updates their details. It also notifies your contact list of any email, phone number, or job change without the need of sending any individual messages. 

StayTouch is a new mobile that enables smart networking and contact management on-the-go. The app that lets you create and share e-cards in just a tap, and also allows users to add smart notes to remember the details that matter. 

“StayTouch serves a dual purpose, that is, it not only enables seamless networking but also protects the environment by eliminating the use of paper for business cards. The best part is that you don’t need to inform your contacts individually when you switch jobs or change your phone number. The app automatically updates your profile with all your contacts, and also allows you to track e-cards so that you never lose touch,” adds Gaurav.

The intuitive contact management app also doubles up as a personal event manager that can be used to send meeting invites and set reminders to never forget an important date, ever. 

Here are some of the top features of the app:

 Create multiple contact profiles

 Smooth exchange of contacts

 Add smart notes to remember minute details

 Auto-updates your contact list and notifies contacts in case you update your details

 Stay organized with automatic and timely reminders 

Keep your business contacts organized and grow your network effortlessly while earning some good karma by reducing the usage of paper for business cards. Stay in touch with this intuitive app that makes it seamless to manage business and social connections.

You can learn more about StayTouch app on the following link:

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App requirements:

Android Device Requirement:

 Require Android 7.0 and Up

 Size: 23MB

 Current Version: 1.0.70

iOS Device Requirement:

iOS 12.1 or later

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

211.6 MB

Pricing and Availability:

 StayTouch app is currently available for free on the Google play store and Apple App Store under the ‘Social’ & “Productivity” category.

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