The Interview – A Movie about Immigration process in the USA

The Journey of Eight Immigrants in a strange Land in pursuit of their Dreams

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA – March 10th, 2020 – We at Worker Ants Production are pleased to announce today the launch of our indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for our movie titled The Interview. This is the story of Eight immigrants who came from different countries and are struggling to pursue their hopes and dreams, cross paths in the US, determined to achieve the American dream; while navigating through the complexities of religion, ethnicity, language, and gender in a foreign land.

The movie director said “I am not only an immigrant filmmaker and writer, but I’m also a human being; who regardless of ethnicity, culture, religion, or gender, etc… should be bestowed the basic human rights of life, liberty, and freedom.” just Like millions of immigrants who came to America with the hopes and dreams of a good life and better getting opportunities. They are faced with a lot of things during their Green Card process; they are usually scheduled for an interview after which they be waiting and hoping that they passed the interview–the final process between their hopes and dreams. The one moment that would change their lifes! Some  came  out  of  the interview  room ecstatic with joy, others  came  out  looking  hopeless.

This movie reminds descendants  of  those  who  first  came  to  this  “New  World”, about the experiences and struggles  of  their  forefathers and ancestors. Because unless  your  ancestors were  100%  Native  to  this  land, your ancestors  came  here  seeking  better  opportunities and a better life than the situation they were before. Today, this  “New Land”  still holds  true as  the “Land of  Opportunities”  compared to  many other  parts  of  the world.

Some of the prominent actors and actresses who featured in the movie are:

• April Audia
• Hakan Yildiz
• Miguel Maia
• Tanya Raisa
• Princess Punzalan
• Kather Sei
• Aishveryaa Nidhi
• Colin Morgan and many others

We have launched an Indiegogo campaign and we need your kind and generous support. Donations to this project will go into Purchasing and/or renting major and minor film equipment (cameras, lenses, lighting, props, etc.), Acquiring city and state permits, Paying the film crew and cast, Catering, Covering travel expenses, Securing shoot locations, Post Production and Distribution. Beyond making a monetary contribution, we believe that by backing our Campaign on Indiegogo and sharing this good news on your various social media platforms, we will reach our goal in no time.

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