Ashlyn Behn Fighting Leukemia Costs Money, Welcome Contributions

Ashlyn Behn has been diagnosed with leukemia and has, at the very least, an 18-month battle against the painful condition. She needs financial help to meet treatment costs and medical expenses. Donors are requested to visit her page on GoFundMe and contribute.

According to announcements released by Bradley M Batdorf and GingerHippo, young Ashlyn Behn, who has been diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphatic Leukemia, needs financial help to continue with her treatment. Her page on GoFundMe has important details about her condition. She hopes to raise $5,000 through this crowdfunding campaign. The aggressive chemotherapy sessions and daily medications have left Ashlyn weak and unable to work. The survival rates with this particular malignancy are good if the treatment is initiated on time. Ashlyn can make it with some help.

According to sources, GoFundMe is a free fundraising platform, and to date, this crowdfunding website has helped raise more than $9 billion all over the world to help people meet the costs of funerals, medicines, surgeries, etc. Donors do not need to sign up or fulfill any eligibility criteria. Recipients are free to withdraw funds immediately; there’s no waiting period to stall needy people from getting cash in their hands. Donors are protected by a guarantee that the money they share will be used for the intended purpose.

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Bradley M Batdorf of GingerHippo said, “Ashlyn is a fun-loving, sweet, and selfless young woman. She enjoys shopping, makeup, camping on the river, and her dogs. After complaining of body aches, headaches, and exhaustion for 6 months, her doctor diagnosed her with the flu. From there, things got worse. Her back and bones began to hurt to the point that she couldn’t get out of bed. She went to St. John’s, where they conducted several labs and x-rays. They found that some of her organs were enlarged and transferred her to the University of Minnesota Masonic Hospital. There, she underwent spinal taps and bone marrow tests to find that she has B-Cell Acute Lymphatic Leukemia. Unfortunately, the cancer is in her bone marrow. Now, Ashlyn has labs every week that are sometimes followed by a blood transfusion. She also receives two types of chemo each week and has to take 13 cancer-related medications each day. The doctors have predicted that this will be a 2 ½ year battle for Ashlyn. Due to the cancer-related pain, Ashlyn is unable to work right now. Even in these modern times, Ashlyn has always found a way to be selfless and put others first. This time, we would love to put her first and raise enough money to cover some of her expenses.”

Ashlyn’s targeted amount for the crowdfunding campaign is a realistic one, and it can be met if people decide to pitch in. Donors can easily check where the money is going.

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