Song of Red Star Youth Music Project Shows the Confidence of Chinese Young Generation

Seven young Chinese musicians teamed up with a number of world renowned artists to release a song at the beginning of March in support of those dealing with novel coronavirus in China.

The song — named “I Know I Can” — carries a message of hope and solidarity, seeking to encourage the Chinese people that all the difficulties will ultimately be overcome.

The song was composed by Swedish Grammy-winning musician Martin Hanse in collaboration with famous Chinese lyricist Yurui Liu, and performed by six young Chinese musicians with an average age of only 15.

Another 15-year-old musician painted the cover for this song.

The seven young muicians, Huiyun Wu(13), Xinran Li(14), Saihanna Wang(14), Mingyue Zheng(15), Yiming Wei(17), Haoyu Li(17) and Yue Zhu(15) are members of the Red Star Youth Music Project operated by Taihe Music Group.

Earlier this year, 4 of them flew to Stockholm from Beijing, they took their winter vacation to participate in the music creation camp co-hosted by internationally renowned music production company TK music and Taihe Music Group. Under the guidance and help of many of the world’s top musicians, these music-loving and talented creative teenagers have improved and perfected their creative ideas and individual expression of music.

When hearing about the situation in China due to the Covid-19 novel coronavirus during the creative camp, these young musicians decided to do someting. “We believe music is the best way to express our emotions,” said Haoyu Li. “And Taihe Music Group helped us to invite the well-known lyricist to complete the whole piece of music; we really didn’t expect such a heart-warming response.”

Different from other songs, “I Know I Can “expresses the aspirations and yearning of the teenagers, and tells the young Chinese generation’s love for themselves and the world, as well as their hopes and beliefs for a better future.

Echoing with the wonderful piano, those six teenagers performed with great enthusiasm, showing innocent and bright sound texture and brave beyond their age.

“It’s a song about love, hope and persistence,” said Martin Hansen, the well-known Swedish musician who have worked with a wide range of artists including Scorpions, The Rasmus, Apocalyptica, BoA, The Veronicas and BTS, as the producer of this song, he said the voices of these Chinese teenagers all shared the same self-confidence and expression of the Z gengeration.

“It feels like a light piercing the darkness, you can feel the hope and blessing contained in the singing, tha’s absolutely the fresh air and the future of the music industry. I am really glad to see they use music to show their attitude and use their own strength to inspire the whole community to fight hard.”

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