Meet Irina Garasymiv Miss Europe 2019

Meet Irina Garasymiv Miss Europe 2019

“Irina Garasymiv”
Miss Ukrain Irina Garasymiv was Miss Europe 2019

1. Good Afternoon Irina. Nice to meet you. To start with I would like to ask: how would you describe yourself?

Good Afternoon. Nice to meet you as well.

To be honest I keep myself busy all the time. For example if I have nothing to do I love to cook. I like to impress family and people around me with tasty food… That’s why I am doing that with special passion. 🙂

Of course, I want to have everything best in my life and I am trying to achieve all my goals. It is hard job but I know that little steps will direct me to the best result. Also I like to make surprises to my family and closest friends. Doesn’t really matter in which country they are I will find the way how to treat them. I like to send them gifts or just visit them even for not long time when they do not expect me. 

2. What was your reaction on winning on Miss Europe 2019?

For me to take a part in that competition was already one of my goals which I achieved. During all preparation I was happy to be around those amazing people who helped me with my mood and my look. Every day I was thankful to be there. When announcer read off my name I was in big shock. I did not believe in it. First minute I even do not remember because of all my emotions. I was so happy. And that happiness made me cry. I felt so good and fool of energy. After I realized: if you wish you can do everything what you dreamed about.

3. How did your friends and family react to your victory in Miss Europe 2019?

Actually I would like to say I am happy that competition Miss Europe 2019 showed me “who is who”. After I won not all friends were happy of it honestly. Only few of them were really glad to see me as winner and supported me. My family: my mom, daddy and sister are proud of me. They believed in me what was really important. It made more powerful and stronger. Unfortunately they did not have a chance to visit me in Lebanon. When I won I wanted to hug them and to say how much I love them. I am really thankful to have family like this. 

4. What do you do to keep yourself so skinny, beautiful and full of energy?

I like sport. My life is active enough but I visit gym quite often. In my past I used MMA training for two years what helped me to build my body. Also I have to say to look beautiful you need love yourself with all heart. If you love yourself it is not hard to take care of your body, your soul. Before competition I was on diet and 20 days before I stopped to eat normally. It is not something you should follow but I felt good with it. 

5. As we know you had relationship with Makhmud Muradov who is MMA fighter. How long you were together and why you broke up?

Yes, it is truth. We were together in past when I lived in Prague. We even lived together and he made a proposal to me. 

It was nice time. We had MMA training together as well. Because we supported each other training was more easier and more funny. Of course life changes and it is hard to say what exactly happened between us. It is too complicated. We had good experience and same view of life but after some tine it has changed. I can say that now we are good friends. 

6. How did your life change after you win?

I started to travel more for photoshoots and fashion events. Since March 2019 I had hundreds and hundreds photo shoots. Of course I started to work with so many companies and promote their products. 

This is lifestyle which I really love. So busy and productive time I had during last year. I need to mention that during 2019 I have met a lot of nice people. I found new friends who are now close to me. Before I did not even think that I will be next to so many famous people but now for me it’s normal thing.

I visited events where people were discussing how to save an Earth and how to help people. So I hope all our efforts will change a world for better.

7. How did you prepare for competition?

First thing is to keep your mind fresh and clear. Second thing is controlling your emotions and body. As I told before I stopped to eat normally. I slept only few hours everyday. All the time I spent on high heels, running around, changing looks for photo shoots and visiting beauty salons. People think that to be model is easy but it’s not.

The most difficult is that not all people around are kind and honest. Sometimes it made me stressed but not for long time.

Even few girls who took a part in competition were wearing fake masks during that time. Thanks to God, I received big support from organisers, hair dressers, stylists, doctors and others who always were around. 

8. Recently you had a Birthday. How old you are and where did you celebrate it?

Yes, my birthday was on 25th of Fabruary. I was celebrating my birthday all week.

I have been in Mexico few days before and after big celebration was in Paris with friends. I am 24 years old. Time flies and I have big plans for future. I will not tell exactly what I am planning but believe me it will massive project. 🙂 I will do everything possible to get success in fashion industry and I hope I will have soon my own business. In few words, life has a lot of opportunities and I will use all of them.

9. Are you ready to pass a crown to next Miss Europe 2020? What you will suggest to girls who will take a part in this year? 

Miss Europe will be on 10th of March, 2020 in Lebanon. Crown is beautiful. It was all year with me every day 😉 I am ready to pass it to next beautiful girl who will deserve to be Miss Europe 2020.

I take it easy because only best girls will take a part in competition and a girl who win should be gorgeous, strong enough and talented person. So I am sure it will be in good hands. 

I would like to recommend other girls to be kind, polite to people and listen to their heart. Please do not be stressed and love yourself.

10. What is your favourite city or country? Where do you live now?

Every country is beautiful and special. I like to travel, to visit new places and to try new food. Now I live in Dubai and hope to stay here for longer as I have few projects here. My dream is to visit London. 

As soon as I have time I will visit the busiest city in UK for photo shoot and shopping.

11. It was nice to talk to you and we wish you success in your business.

Thank you so much for a nice chat and I hope to meet you again to share my results.

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