Music artist Solar Facts offers his fans a choice between the Red pill and Blue Pill with his latest project “The Matrix”

Jimmy Jacobs, popularly known as Solar facts was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Queens. His journey into the music industry began in 2012 when he started writing and making music professionally. Despite having no previous experience of writing an entire song, he released his debut single “I’m That Guy” in 2013, which received overwhelming recognition in the form of 7 million+ likes and shares, in addition to countless radio commercials and interviews.

Fast forward to 2016, he released another hit project called “The Matrix” and labeled every new release under this project as the ‘Blue Pill’ or the ‘Red Pill’. The Red pill symbolizes the choice to hear something more familiar, a different sound with a spin on lyrics similar to the mainstream music. On the other hand, the Blue pill symbolizes authenticity in music, something that a listener would want to hear more than once to understand.

“My journey has started in 2012 and it took many different turns, it started as me being the producer to being the artist. I had a hard time showing other artists my vision so I had to become the artist. I think to produce good music, you have to be authentic.” – Solar Facts.

Solar Facts wished to become a Hip Hop artist from a young age but his dreams were put on halt with a 20-year stint in prison after he was convicted for weapons, drugs, robbery, and escape. During this time, Solar got a chance to rethink his life choices and decided to live life in a better way when he gets out. He served most of his time in prison by writing and participating in rap battles with other inmates. Not to mention that he overcame every single one of his opponents, maybe not in the first round, but continued until there was nothing more to be said.

Solar started his music career after he was released in 2012. He soon founded his music label Indestructible Entertainment, intending to provide exposure to the undiscovered talents. With a focus on individuality and standing out against the norm, Indestructible Entertainment came across one very serious problem-finding artists. “Trying to convince other artists that it is okay to be yourself was not trending, so plan B was to lead by example”, says Solar. And this is when he decided to start producing music himself.

Since then, Solar Facts has been working diligently for better production and sound quality that is outside the box and what he feels is real hip-hop.

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