How to fix Lenovo Thinkpad X260 Pick up with one hand, black screen, blue screen death, Crashes halt reboot (also x240 x250 x270 x280)

How to fix Lenovo Thinkpad X260 Pick up with one hand, black screen, blue screen death, Crashes halt reboot (also x240 x250 x270 x280)

“Thinkpad BSOD TiFixer help you: Thinkpad never Crashes and Blue Screen of death:”
This article details the use of ThinkPad BSOD TiFixer to solve the annoying Pick up with one hand, black screen, blue screen death, Crashes halt reboot of Lenovo Thinkpad. This method is also applicable to x240 x250 x270 x280

Symptoms: When you pick up the Lenovo ThinkPad notebook with the left or right hand on, the ThinkPad x260 will have a black screen, blue screen, or crash. You must restart the computer by pressing the power button again to resume use. disappear.

When you move, your Lenovo Thinkpad gets stuck on a black screen. This is a very disturbing problem, and it is also a hot issue. We have found many user reports about black screen freezes when moving Lenovo computers. For example:

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Update: In fact, not all Lenovo Thinkpad computers will encounter a black screen or even a blue screen of death when they are picked up with one hand. Fortunately, the Thinkpad Carbon series does not. We found that the current calibration of black screen failure with one hand pick up is thinkpad x240 / thinkpad x250 / thinkpad x260 / thinkpad x270 / thinkpad x280.

The secret of thinkpad x260 one-handed crash

In Thinkpad x230 and previous versions such as X200 / x201, the D shell at the back is made of very high-strength magnesium alloy. At the time, Thinkpadx230 was still very durable.

After the Thinkpad x240, the D case is made of more economical ABS plastic. As a result, when we hold the corner of the Thinkpad with one hand, the entire computer case and circuit board are in a bent state.

You can test it yourself and you can see the obvious bend from the side.

Due to the insufficient hardness of the shell of the Thinkpad D shell, the motherboard was bent, and eventually the computer crashed.

thinkpad x260 one-handed crash solution

Fortunately, the forum ( Veteran tomequequan found a viable solution to fix it. This problem can be solved by connecting a shell anti-bend stiffener (Thinkpad BSOD TiFixer) outside the Thinkpad bottom case.

The Thinkpad BSOD TiFixer is made of aerospace materials and has ultra-light and strong resistance to bending. After attaching the Thinkpad BSOD TiFixer to the bottom of the Thinkpad, it can increase the bending capacity by 1500%.

One user said this: Thanks to Tomleequan, it brought my Thinkpad back to life, I can’t accept other computers, and my thousands of Thinkpad enthusiasts will no longer experience a crash after using the Thinkpad BSOD TiFixer. Is a deep Thinkpad enthusiast. Today I hold it to lecture at the university and never have to be embarrassed about whether it will crash.

At present, we can buy ThinkPad BSOD TiFixer on Amazon. You can purchase it through the link below:

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