Food Quality & Safety Magazine Looks at Why FSMA Drives Small Food Manufacturers to Sell in 2020

Food Quality & Safety Magazine Looks at Why FSMA Drives Small Food Manufacturers to Sell in 2020

Frances Brunelle, President of Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers was recently featured in Food Quality & Safety magazine. Brunelle discussed how the FMSA (Food Safety Modernization Act) legislation accelerated M&A activity for small food manufacturers. Read the entire article here.

According to Brunelle, both small and large food manufacturers must comply with FSMA. However, more than 90 percent of U.S.-based food companies generate $2 million to $20 million in annual revenue and have fewer than 50 employees. Large food companies have both the financial resources and staffing to manage the complexities of FSMA. Smaller companies do not, and often find that being acquired by a larger enterprise is a more attractive option than facing the risks of non-compliance.

The remaining merger and acquisition activity within the food sector are those smaller food manufacturers that are weighed down in regulatory compliance. A 20-person salsa producer most likely has only one designated person to oversee QA/QC and safety, and often even operations. They lack the time and personnel to meet FSMA rules; yet, failure to comply is not an option.

There are options for small food manufacturers that are found to have FSMA compliance issues other than being acquired by a larger company. An infusion of capital by an investor can ensure that all the consequences of FSMA are adequately addressed and that the growth trajectory of the business is strong.

About Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc.:

Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc., specializes in the sale of manufacturing companies nationwide, with generally $2 – $20 million in revenue, and a minimum of $500K in net income. The firm is exclusively dedicated to helping manufacturers sell their businesses and transition into retirement. The firm’s mission ensures the continuity of U.S. manufacturing by connecting a new generation of entrepreneurial owners. The upfront guidance is offered without a fee; the assessment and how to optimize the manufacturing enterprise for sale is a unique hallmark of the Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers’ value proposition.

Passion about the manufacturing sector is personal; it represents the best and backbone of the U.S. economy. Clients are quintessentially great small American manufacturers. These savvy entrepreneurs are the nation’s renegades and rebels who have worked hard and built great companies. Like the clients served, the Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers’ team is highly entrepreneurial and manufactures their destiny while helping clients realize how to best position their company for prospective buyers.

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