Here’s Why Chromadex Corp’s, TRU NIAGEN, May Be An Important Immune Boosting Product To Combat Flu and Virus Strains

As a concerned population continues to run around looking for masks, food and making sure the grandparents are taking their proper anti-viral precautions, they may be overlooking the more obvious pro-active option that should be first-up in the daily regimen – taking immune boosters that can help build resistance to not only Coronavirus (COVID-19) but to other flu like strains. A popular choice, with supporting clinical and peer-reviewed data, is TRU NIAGEN, a product sold by Chromadex Corp. (NASDAQ: CDXC)

TRU NIAGEN Is Showing Powerful Effectiveness

TRU NIAGEN is an FDA registered and GRAS approved supplement that is building a solid reputation from users. And, unlike the thousands of over-the-counter drugs and supplements that claim healthful benefit, TRU NIAGEN is one of the few options that enjoy patent protection, which means it has demonstrated a meaningful mechanism of action to the patent examiners. Remember, patent applications go through a rigorous evaluation process by industry specialists, and in the supplement space, is a compelling benefit. The TRU NIAGEN patent can serve as a valuable asset that highlights an important distinction – it has a mechanism of action that can benefit users by boosting NAD in the body. Moreover, with the cost of getting drugs approved through the FDA channels now costing upwards of a billion-dollars, smaller biotechs, especially those that that enjoy patent protection for novel products, have an opportunity to benefit from their clinical work and at the same time earn marketing protection.

TRU NIAGEN is getting appreciable reviews from a growing user base. A substantial numbers of reviewers indicate that the product substantially increases energy levels and at the same time helps in recovery after exercise. Other indications are showing promise in reducing blood pressure levels, with at least one user revealing he was able to get off two doctor prescribed blood-pressure medications and replace them with only TRU NIAGEN.  Another user of the product said that TRU NIAGEN helped ease heart palpitations, and this was only after doctors tried unsuccessfully to treat that patient over a six month period. He claims he has been feeling healthy and free of palpitations for more than three months since starting to take TRU NIAGEN.

Keep in mind, these potential benefits highlight what TRU NIAGEN may be able to do on a case by case basis. But, the thesis for its application to the current COVID-19 is that building and maintaining a healthy immune system can be the first step to effectively combat virus invasion. The science behind the product points to a distinct method of action.

Mechanism of Action Of TRU NIAGEN

TRU NIAGEN earned patent production for how it can boost NAD in the body and help to restore and repair the regenerative functions of cells. Clinical data also shows anti-inflammatory effects in randomized trials as well. Notably, TRU NIAGEN is the only FDA registered version of Nicotinamide Riboside (NR), with both an NDI notification and a GRAS letter of no objection. In other words, this may be the only known and safe way of taking NR.

The most recent publications about the product have shown that increased NAD will boost a user’s immune systems, and even the NIH has a clinical study that has been completed but not yet published to study NR’s positive effects on healthy peoples innate immune systems. There are two types of immune systems the body uses to combat viral infections. The first is the innate system which offers a first line of defense by preventing pathogens from taking hold if they enter the body. This is what can prevent you from being infected in the first place. The second system is the adaptive system where once a pathogen has taken hold the body develops a specific response to the pathogen. This includes both antibody responses as well as cell-mediated responses. Boosting NAD has shown benefits in both the innate system as well as the adaptive system. As adults get older both immune systems decline along the same time frame that NAD declines in the body. All of that bodes to the favor of TRU NIAGEN. But, there’s more support about the role of boosting NAD levels.

In the article ‘Exploring NAD+ metabolism in host-pathogen interactions’, the authors set out to show how maintenance of NAD levels during host-pathogen interactions can potential treat infectious diseases. A second article adds more support. An interesting article titled ‘Macrophage de novo NAD+ synthesis specifies immune function in aging and inflammation’ showed that NAD availability is a limiting factor for cellular respiration and mitochondrial function in the macrophage immune response. This response is a critical part of your innate immune system and everyone should want it to be functioning at its optimal level. It’s already well-known and appreciated that NR increases NAD including the one run by Nestle Institute of Health Sciences NSRGF. They posted their research in a paper titled ‘The NAD + Precursor Nicotinamide Riboside Enhances Oxidative Metabolism and Protects against High-Fat Diet-Induced Obesity’.

The data helped to conclude that NAD declines as people age. Thus, it may be critical for the healthy functions of cells to benefit from a product like TRU NIAGEN that is showing a unique mechanism of being able to boost a body’s immune systems and its response to infections. More than that though, they believe that the product is important for the general health of all of the body’s cells. Notably, when an immune system is fighting off infections it puts stress on your respiratory and pulmonary systems. And, stressed systems don’t work efficiently to assist the body in its fight against infections.

Conversely, when the body is functioning properly and is getting the essential nutrients needed to stay healthy, it’s not a leap of faith to speculate that by boosting a person’s innate system with NR, it may have the potential to prevent a person from getting COVID-19 or the other deadly flu viruses that disrupt populations, and even economies, on a regular basis.

While studies are still ongoing, the peer-reviewed articles cited above show enough information to make an informed conclusion that with higher NAD levels, it will be substantially harder for a virus to enter the body. And, if it does, it will be far more challenging for it to mutate and spread from cell to cell. 

A Viable Product, Already On The Market , TRU NIAGEN May Be A Preventative Option

Following a growing movement toward more holistic approaches to treating illness, it’s becoming more acceptable to recognize, and benefit, from the opportunities to stay healthy by using over-the-counter products that have far fewer side effects and a greater safety profile. TRU NIAGEN serves as an effective example as a product people can use to build immune functions.

Moreover, if TRU NIAGEN can show an ability to be a formidable ally against deadly viral strains, it the benefit to Chromadex could follow.

From the company’s most recent quarterly report, revenues totaled approximately $12 million. Analysts have been bullish on the stock based on the potential of TRU NIAGEN. Some models show that if Chromadex can generate sales of TRU NIAGEN to just 0.3% of the global population, representing about 25 million users, revenues could draw toward the $12 billion level. Analysts that follow the stock are appear decidedly bullish.

Three analysts covering Chromadex Corp have an average 12-month price target of $7.38. And, just last week, HC Wainwright issued a BUY rating accompanied by a 12-month price target set at $6.00 per share. Within the report, HC Wainwright noted that a number of hedge funds have recently made changes to their positions in CDXC. Funds that added to their CDXC positions included Mercator Fund Cayman Master LP, who added a reported $1.358 million worth of stock during the fourth quarter. Tieton Capital Management LLC also increased its position 8.8% during the fourth quarter and now owns a reported 1,547,127 shares of the company’s stock worth $6,668,000 after acquiring an additional 125,247 shares during the period.

Three other funds are bullish on Chromadex. During the third quarter of 2019, Millennium Management LLC increased its position in Chromadex by 169.6%, bringing their holdings to 154,733 shares of the company’s stock worth $608,000. State Street Corp also increased its position in Chromadex by 13.6% during the fourth quarter, reporting ownership of 682,298 shares of the company’s stock worth $2,941,000. And, Geode Capital Management LLC pushed their position higher during the fourth quarter by 15.2% and reported to own 498,933 shares of Chromadex stock.

Combined, its reported that roughly 20.77% of the stock is currently owned by institutional investors and hedge funds. The company’s stock is now held by a reported 76 institutional accounts. Investors are also looking toward potential changes to the analysts models as sales for products relating to prevention and management of viral strains have spiked substantially during the past sixty days.

Distribution Channels in Place

As reported in its filings, Chromadex has the necessary regulatory approvals for the US, HK, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia and the EU. This provides an almost global opportunity to sell TRU NIAGEN, and that’s in addition to their online presence in the US. Additionally, Chromadex has partnerships with Watsons and Nestle that add credibility, resources, and distribution channels. TRU NIAGEN is also readily available for purchase online.

Is there risk? Absolutely. But once Chromadex comes out of its quiet-period, perhaps they can do more to talk about the potential value of TRU NIAGEN to naturally fight of disease and virus. Also, while the company has been relatively tight-lipped about the prospects of TRU NIAGEN, especially as they continue dialogue with regulatory agencies, peer-produced articles have provided investors with a means to connect the dots and remain positive on its merits based on well-rooted research.

With even higher numbers of the virus reported on Monday, and with 19 million people self-quarantined in Italy as of Sunday, the world is in a growing crisis and thinking outside of the box may deliver some much needed remedies. And, boosting a body’s natural immune capabilities is a fine place to start.


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