Ellipsis Medical: Telemedicine To Fight Coronavirus

Ellipsis Medical: Telemedicine To Fight Coronavirus
Easy follow-up care, health monitoring and better health outcomes with greater collaboration

Montréal, Canada – March 13, 2020 – Ellipsis Medical is launching the latest technology and tools in tele-medicine that could help to fight efficiently COVID-19 virus.

We offer to discuss with any private or public health organization or authority the best way to form an alliance by offering our medical platform which could have obvious logistical advantages to make more accessible, more fluid and more effective various strategies of communication, education, prevention, consultation, advice, support and diagnosis to bridge the gap between civilian populations, test kits and health professionals in regions at risk.

Our flexible, ultra user-friendly and multi-functional technology can adapt to various logistical, clinical and administrative needs in order to efficiently respond to the current crisis, while also enabling a comprehensive long-term medical approach. 

Patient Health Records

The right information leads to better decisions. Make informed decisions about your patients’ care with access to their health records. Comprehensive health records of your patients that are accessible to you during consultations.

A Comprehensive Platform That Drives Outcomes

We can very quickly make our IT platform accessible to an almost unlimited number of health professionals and offer a wide range of solutions recommended or chosen by public health authorities.

Simple and secureTelemedicine Apps for iOS, Android and Web

Choose from an extensive list of 50+ health trackers to design specialized care plans for your patients, because you understand their health best. Also included:

Reduce hospital re-admissions with timely health tracking and intervention with Remote Patient Monitoring on the Virtual Practice

Health data from home monitoring devices like iHealth BG5 monitor, Omron BP monitor, Polar Heart Rate monitor, DNurse glucometer and other health trackers through GoogleFit and Apple’s Health app can be synced with the patient app to be shared for your review.

You can consult our website at ellipsismd.com for a better understanding of all the services, functionalities and solutions that we can provide to address and fight COVID-19.

We would be happy to answer your questions, give you a demonstration, or discuss the most efficient way to meet your needs and budget allocations.

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