Trikona London – exclusive collection of high-end Swiss Made watches – launches on Kickstarter

Trikona London introduces a game changer for Swiss watch connoisseurs – the Trikona London Signature Collection. The London-based company is all set to launch a new paradigm in the world of Swiss made watches and promises a collection of enigmatic and innovative design pieces.  Engineered with the best of master Swiss horology, the collection also aims to celebrate the authenticity and individuality of its users.

As the name implies, Trikona London (Sanskrit for triangle) symbolizes the power of 3 – New-Gen Design, Swiss Precision and Vegan Luxury for every occasion, which are all combined into every exclusive Trikona timepiece. The maiden Signature Collection features a timeless design, making it a perfect match for any occasion regardless of age and gender. Inspired by the fashion industry, the Trikona London Signature Collection aims to bring diversity and sophistication to an individual’s everyday style. 

“We are excited to bring you a personable line-up of 6 timeless models, engineered with new-age and modern seamless designs as well as premier Swiss-precision and charisma. Trikona believes in self-expression. In that light, the perfect balance of decoration of our matte and sunray dials from The Signature collection champions individuality at its best. Our unique wristwatches are an exquisite combination of unparalleled Swiss made reputation, universal style statement and also affordable pricing”, stated a leading spokesperson from Trikona.

The six timeless models have been manufactured with immense care coupled with detailed precision and craftsmanship. They also boast of a premium sturdy case made from top-notch surgical-grade 316 L stainless steel that are available in both matte and polished plating. Each has an ETA of F06.105 which comprises of the breakthrough Heavy Drive technology – an anti-shock system that can support unbalances of more than 200% for a conventional second hand as well as 20 percent for conventional minute hand. Each piece showcases exceptional precision along with a prolonged battery life of 94 months – a big improvement from its counterparts, which are usually limited to 24 months. More than its solid battery life, the Trikona London Signature Collection carries a 3-year international warranty, which makes it way more economical than regular timepieces. 

Trikona London watches are also backed by famous Alcantara straps, which are 100% vegan, sustainable, fire retardant, breathable, durable, water repellent and also extremely comfortable.

“Our Trikona London watches are designed and curated with care, finesse and amazing versatility. The unique aesthetics exuded by our watches help to create a sense of distinction and individuality for every user out there. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a fashionista, you will treasure our exclusive Swiss-made timepiece. However, such a high-end project demands robust financial backup and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring life to these watches and take your timepiece collection to new heights.”

Backers will be rewarded with handy discounts on the Signature watches.

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