Devout Christian Author shares her divine experience of getting closer to Christ in new book

“40 Days and Nights of Fasting” by Mya Sanders traces the journey of the author on days and nights of fasting under Christ’s instructions and how her journey helped her to experience strength, deliverance, revelation, and weight loss.

Westland, Michigan – March 13, 2020 – Devout Christian Author, Mya Sanders, has recently released her new book which shares her successful journey of deliverance and reaching a positive stance in life under the guidance of none other than the Almighty Jesus Christ. Titled “40 Days and Nights of Fasting”, the book also shares how her journey of weight loss which brought her closer to Christ and her deliverance of demons.

Sanders is the author of several self-published non-fiction books and “40 Days and 40 Nights of Fasting” is her first ever book to be published by a publishing company. The book was launched on Amazon on February 11, 2020.

“40 Days and 40 Nights of Fasting” is based on a true life experience of the author herself. Mya was going through a difficult season in her life, being a devout Christian, one day in prayer, she cried out to Jesus Christ for a change in her life. She was tired of dealing with the same trials and tests. She needed answers. She wanted to learn how to go through the fire and keep her joy. Jesus told her to fast for 40 days and 40 nights as that would be her answer to all her questions. Under the guidance of Christ, Mya decided on a liquid fast for 40 Days and 40 Nights. The journey was a life-changing experience that she is honored to share.

“I am glad to announce the release of my new book on Amazon. I was going through a wilderness and when I prayed to Christ and he showed me the right way to overcome my troubles. Jesus gave me simple strategies to deal with daily life and trials. Additionally, Jesus changed my eating habits and taste buds. I lost weight that I was not being able to before. Losing weight was an added bonus for the fast. Losing weight is more than just fasting or counting calories. In fact, it’s a lifestyle awareness of what one eats and how one workout to reach that goal with success. Most importantly, my journey helped me to experience strength, deliverance, revelation, and weight loss which altogether have helped my intimate relationship with Jesus Christ today”, stated the author.

When Mya was carrying on her liquid fasting for 40 days and nights last year, Jesus told her to she write down her experiences in a journal. This year God told her to share her experiences with others by turning her journal into a book.

“I am thankful to Christ for showing me his way and having a great plan for my life even when I do not understand it all. Apart from weight loss, what’s most important here is my growing intimacy with my Lord, Jesus Christ. I am so excited about what is next.”

About the author:

A Detroit native, Mya Sanders, was baptized and received Christ at a young age. She has been blessed with many gifts and she is humbly grateful to God for his blessings. A veteran author, Sanders, has written multiple self-published books and has worked with several bloggers, writers and authors over the years. A Bachelor’s Degree holder in English Education and Master’s Degree holder in Administration Education, Sanders has been a teacher for 2 decades and has even served in the military for 5 years.

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