Text-To-Give is the Future of Giving in Churches

Text-To-Give is the Future of Giving in Churches
Churches around the country are having great success by using text-to-give and text notifications to inform and connect their communities.

Minneapolis, MN – Mar 13, 2020 For years churches have been using old-fashioned methods to collect donations from their congregations. While sending around the offering plate or relying on church members to bring cash or checks used to be successful methods, times are changing.

For example, people are no longer carrying cash or checkbooks, causing churches to see a decline in giving numbers. As a result, churches have adapted; using technology to provide their communities with different ways to donate, connect, and stay informed.

One such technology that churches have been using is text-to-give. This solution allows congregation members to give from the convenience of their smartphone. Organizations that utilize text-to-give are reaping the benefits and have seen a 32% increase in donations, according to Nonprofit Source.

When combined with text notifications, text-to-give solutions produce greater engagement and increased giving for churches.

“Text notifications allow churches to reach out directly to their congregation, no matter where they are,” says Wendy Hanson, Vice President of Marketing at mobileAxept, a text-to-give solutions provider.

“You can send out donation reminders and information on fundraisers to help boost giving, as well as keep your members up-to-speed on the latest community events,” continues Hanson.

In a time when nearly 70% of the U.S. population has a smartphone, it’s easy to see why switching to text-to-give has worked for so many churches. According to recent studies, text messages have an incredible 98% open rate. Compare this to emails, which only have a 20% open rate.

Communication at churches can become tedious and frustrating at times. It seems that no matter how many times churches send a well-crafted email, it goes unopened. Organizations are now finding new ways to reach their communities.

Text messaging, when used as a platform for communication, helps churches break through the noise and the busyness of their members’ lives. The powerful platform of text notifications helps connect churches better and keeps members informed about everything going on.

There are 6 billion text messages received and sent daily in the US and the popularity is growing rapidly. Organizations that use these technologies are better able to engage, both in timely communication and in giving. As text notifications and text-to-give solutions become widely adopted, they will be essential tools for thriving churches and nonprofits.

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