After successful funding on Kickstarter, new revolutionary Volla Phone lands on Indiegogo InDemand

Volla Phone is all set to redefine the current mobile phone system with its advanced AI technology based design, providing users with much needed privacy features and streamlined operations compared to regular phones. 

Forget privacy worries with regular smartphones. A dynamic German startup, Hallo Welt Systeme UG, has recently launched a breakthrough mobile phone on Indiegogo InDemand, which is innovatively designed to protect the privacy of its users. Named “Volla Phone”, this revolutionary device became hugely popular on Kickstarter and achieved double its funding goal before arriving on Indiegogo.

The campaign is geared to raise around 10,000 EUR.

“It feels great to see that our project has received so much appreciation from all over the world. We are glad that so many people believed in our technology, principles and ethos and thanks to them we had a super successful campaign on Kickstarter. Our huge success on Kickstarter testifies to the fact that we are on the right direction and that smartphone users are ready to welcome a positive change through our next-gen Volla Phone”, stated a leading spokesperson from Hallo Welt Systeme UG.

Inspired by the simplicity of pen and paper, Volla Phone promises a new level of ease for mobile phone users through intuitive instant interaction. The phone also promises optimum privacy to prevent data abuse which has become too rampant nowadays.

Most of the regular smartphones allow 3rd party organizations to keep tab on and monitor every single user activity. No wonder, we usually get information which is preselected on the basis of user profiles that are developed through constantly tracked data. The whole system puts our privacy in jeopardy. This is where Volla Phone comes in to provide a solution.

Unlike other regular smartphones, Volla lets users decide which information they would like to share and with whom and how. The phone is engineered with an open-source operating system that doesn’t depend on any cloud service to operate and eventually safeguards user privacy while one browses the internet.

“Our Volla Phone is backed by state-of-the-art AI that helps it to protect the privacy of users. We do not collect your data or track stats or force you to create user account with Volla to let you use the phone. As a user, you will have the absolute power here to decide which parts of your life you wish to share and with whom”, the spokesperson explained.”

The revolutionary Volla OS grants immediate access to information and features without the need for apps. A user just needs to start writing on the phone screen and Volla would know what he wants to do on the phone. The phone is designed with 4 new user experience concepts-

Springboard – Springboard will recognize whatever command you will write on the phone home screen and will eventually suggest completion of text or appropriate functions – like call, message, opening of a web page and so on. It doesn’t need an app to function at this level.

Shortcuts – Volla users will be able to create shortcuts for frequently used actions with an easy touch-drag-release feature.

Collections – The revolutionary Volla OS groups your most frequented and most recently called contacts for easy access.

Quick Menu – This feature will allow users to access their frequently used functions and contents on the phone.

Other major features:

  • 6.3” almost rimless wide screen display
  • Solid and durable hardware made in Germany
  • Cutting-edge 8 core processor
  • Double rear camera
  • 16 MP high-resolution front camera
  • Wireless charging facility

“To ensure privacy protection, our phone comes without Google Apps and Play Services and is also not dependent on any user accounts or cloud services. Our Volla OS is designed on the Android Open Source Project that is easily compatible with Android Apps. As it is open-source, the developer community can also test it any time. Our phone also carries a pre-installed VPN to secure user privacy while browsing the web. Volla is ‘the’ phone that we all have been looking for. Our successful tryst at Kickstarter has proven that there is an urgent need for such a device today. Now, we are on Indiegogo to spread the word about Volla so that more people can know about it and embrace the much-needed change in the mobile phone world. Your generous help would do a lot to bring Volla to life and make our lives simpler and safer.”

To add on that, “We are now able to provide the option to choose a pre-installed Google-free Android with the Volla user experience or a Ubuntu Touch operating system. This makes the Volla Phone the only smartphone worldwide that is available with a pre-installed Ubuntu Touch.”

Backers will be rewarded with handy discounts on Volla Phone, Volla Book and Volla apparel.  

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Company Name: Hallo Welt Systeme UG
City: Remscheid
Country: Germany