NHU’s enterprise culture of opening up resources and reducing expenditure

In the early days of entrepreneurship, NHU had very difficult conditions. In order to cut the cost, the NHU older generation had multiple roles, not only responsible for sales but also as loaders. Simple and crude factory buildings, old equipment, and hard office and living conditions were all for starting a business, which were also the beginning of NHU. Later, the company obtained the first bucket of gold through the successful research and development of Diethyl ethoxymethylenemalonate.

Instead of using the money to improve office conditions and life, the company invested in the research and development of new products. Even in 1999, when Tashan Industrial Park, the NHU’s first modern industrial park, was completed, the staff canteen was still a temporary construction shed, which also lasted for more than 10 years. NHU has been growing up in such a diligent and thrifty culture.

Now, we have modern factory buildings and office buildings, working environment have improved, but NHU’s tradition of thrift cannot be forgotten.

The core of an enterprise is its ability of cost control and market development. To run an enterprise, we must have the consciousness of cost and competition. The competitiveness is also can accumulated by saving cost. We need to understand that in project construction and product research and development, we spend an extra penny, and after putting into production, we have already lost a penny, and our competitiveness will be reduced.

Of course, when we talk about thrift, we don’t mean that we don’t invest. Without investment, we don’t have output. NHU is developed through constant investment. Excellent, leading enterprises, innovation ability and technology must be better than others and the cost must be lower than others. Therefore, we should spend our money on product research and development, technology improvement and process improvement to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. But we should be thrifty in management, reduce costs bit by bit, simplify business processes as much as possible, and reduce communication costs. Only by constantly reducing the material standards and demands, and paying attention to the soft power of sustainable development such as scientific and technological innovation, can our enterprise go further and further to achieve sustainable and stable development. NHU is like this: more money is invested in upgrading technology and training talents, rather than wasted on useless “vanity projects”.

NHU’s enterprise culture of opening up resources and reducing expenditure is not only applicable to difficult times, but also a long-term task for the company to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Today, with the development of the enterprise, we still need to keep the spirit of NHU old generation to work hard and be thrifty. As a NHUer, we should have a high sense of responsibility and dedication to the enterprise, improve efficiency, increase revenue and reduce costs. Let us pull together to achieve the high quality development of NHU!

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