Ziffy Smiles Introduces Remote Monitoring for Clear Aligners

The company makes it easy and convenient for patients to look, feel, and smile their best with high quality professional aligners at a fraction of the going price.


Miami, FL – Ziffy Smiles is pleased to announce an innovative new method that provides remote monitoring for clear aligners. By means of AI Dental Monitoring, Ziffy Smiles can monitor patients’ treatment progress using a smart phone app.


“We create clear aligners for people who want to align their smiles,” says Ziffy Smiles founder Dr. Diego Sanchez. “Remote orthodontic treatment provides so many benefits, and makes it easy to attain that perfect smile without the time commitment that you would usually expect. For people with a busy lifestyle, it’s the perfect solution.”

According to Dr. Sanchez, most clear aligner companies just create the aligner and give it to the patient without any subsequent monitoring:

“We remotely monitor our patients through dental monitoring. We give the person a scan box where they use their phone to capture images of their teeth throughout the treatment process.  That allows us to monitor them to ensure the best possible outcomes.”

The process is easy to initiate:

  • Customers send in a mold of their smile with the Ziffy Smile impression kit.
  • Specialists review the mold, and design a customized plan.
  • The company’s Smart Motion™ aligners are shipped to the customer.
  • The customer downloads the app and takes selfies according to the instructions provided.
  • The selfies are uploaded to Ziffy Smiles, where doctors assess and track the position of the teeth remotely.  

The advantages of the Ziffy Smiles system are numerous. No time-consuming office appointments are necessary with regular virtual check-ins being scheduled, and the results consistently provide a high degree of accuracy. Customers receive a customized video summary of their treatment plan, while doctors are available seven days a week to answer any questions.

“We’re on a mission to offer professional dental services at revolutionary prices,” adds Dr. Sanchez. “Our prices are a fraction of the going rate because we deal with our customers directly. And we truly believe that everyone has the right to smile.”

About the Company

Founded in 2017, Ziffy Smile was created to provide professional dental services at reasonable prices. The company offers top-of-the line clear aligners and provides a unique remote monitoring service to ensure that the process is effective.

Ziffy Smile is proud to partner with local charities, including Caring for Miami, in an effort to help low-income men and women to acquire much-needed dental care.

For more information or to order the impression kit, visit the website at https://ziffysmiles.com/

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