Sweatpants & Joggers Record Growth Of 6.5% Alluding To A Rise In Demand For Athleisure

Sweatpants & Joggers witnessed the highest ever growth last year, with sales growth of over 6.5%. Branded activewear is now worth 18 billion dollars after its increase by 4.6%.

Athleisure or sweatpants & joggers have been steadily growing year on year for the past five years. The 6.5% growth for Athleisure is, in part, contributed by a 4.3% increase in demand for Athletic footwear, with sales growing to 17.3 billion dollars. However, the one category that grew the most was outdoor and adventure clothing that saw a rise of 9.1% through 2019, with sneakers growing by around 6.6%.  

The report also shows that in terms of sport type, volleyball was the one that progressed the most in terms of the number of products sold, recording a surge of 5.6%. Basketball recorded the second-highest increase of 4.6%.

The shift is also towards athleisurewear that’s both functional and fashionable. Luxury brands have, in the past, focused almost exclusively on things like cashmere jogging pants or similar luxury wear, but most people will never work out in these. They were meant to be comfortable and look trendy, making them perfect for a night on the dancefloor, but working out in them wasn’t possible.

While sportswear influences luxury athleisurewear, today, many people want athleisurewear that’s fashionable and ones that they can wear to the gym too. So, brands are now focusing on making their athleisurewear functional, which might explain the rise in the number of people choosing and buying them compared to previous years.

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“The market for athleisurewear is only going to grow over the next couple of years. Trends are changing, and brands are keeping up with what people want, maybe even showing them stuff they didn’t think they liked. All of this is contributing to the growing demand and highest recorded sales figures as it currently stands,” said a spokesperson for a leading brand of sportswear.

He went on to say, “sweatpants & joggers are the future of informal wear, they are comfortable, affordable for the most part and durable. Now with the ability to work out in them and play sports means that athletes are more than just endorsing them, they are wearing athleisurewear.”

It will be interesting to see how 2020 will turn out for the athleisurewear industry. 

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