Meet 6ix 3urop3; Aspiring Canadian Author and Rapper Taking the World by Storm

Rapper 6ix3urop3 has had a steady rise to stardom, climbing rapidly to the top through talent, hard work and a big-heart.

Mar 16, 2020 – For those of us that have heard about, or are fans of 6ix 3urop3, the stories of his name, upbringing, journey, and lifestyle have been elusive. More so for those that haven’t even heard of him at all. Besides his music, 6ix3urop3 also has plans for a new book.

He would be launching his first book this year, titled ‘Christ in the Ghetto’; a fictional, yet captivating book based on some of the typical struggles of African Americans dealing with corruption and poverty.

6ix 3urop3 was born with the ability to compose spontaneous poetry and has always had a passion for music. At a very young age, he was already an award-winning keyboardist, and since developing that love for music, hasn’t looked back. By the time he was 12, he ventured into Hip Hop, recording with an older cousin and trying to kick start a career in the family basement. 6ix 3urop3, his cousin Jay Smilez, and some other friends started a rap group called ‘The Good Fellas’.

But despite the wealth of talent 6ix 3urop3 was born with, the home life of his childhood was one of instability and neglect as depicted in his book. After leaving the Hip Hop scene for several years, 6ix 3urop3 suffered a tragic loss of a child-hood friend and well-known local rapper at the time. This loss reignited his passion for Hip Hop, and saw him hook up with music artist and close friend Chucc Brown. This collaboration saw the birth of ‘Get Busy Entertainment’.

Since then, 6ix 3urop3 hasn’t looked back, steadily giving the Hip Hop community something to cheer about. Some of his works include: ‘I Can’t Explain It’ with Chucc Brown, ‘Blew a Rack’, ‘Montana’, and ‘Rockstar Lifestyle’.

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