Industrial Distributor RFQ and VMI Program Fails Small Manufacturers During COVID-19

Industrial Distributor RFQ and VMI Program Fails Small Manufacturers During COVID-19

The fast-changing situation with COVID-19 requires immediate supplier benchmarking to drive cost-savings or at the minimum avoid gauging. The “trusted sources” for pricing verification and web searches for authentic accurate day-to-day pricing variation fail purchasing professionals who have counted on Distributor RFQ and VMI Programs in the past. 

The rapidity of changing data, such as sourcing from South Korea, China, or Italy is impossible. Denial and the status quo are not working in the mercurial nature of COVID-19.   

ERP Systems may fail as well. While useful, ERP has always been a lagging indicator.  Sourcing domestically was not even considered as long as supply chain disruption was not a consideration. Clearly this new modality is going to continue throughout 2021 and ManufacturingPower is here with a cost-effective way to navigate wild fluctuations in purchasing which mimic the wild fluctuations in the stock market. 

This is not about “price creep” from trusted vendors. This is about supply chain disruption and immediately devising alternative methods for maintaining delivery commitments to valued customers while maintaining profit margins. Nor is this about annual rebates from suppliers nor vendor consolidation. This is strong medicine to have an honest real-time price comparison to keep the doors open, the orders shipped, and customers happy. This is about weathering the storm of COVID-19. 

ManufacturingPower encourages those with Distributor purchasing agreements to provide the top 30 SKU’s most at risk for supply chain disruption. Let ManufacturingPower demonstrate alternative pricing models. A money-back guarantee is available to those manufacturers willing to take the medicine and get through these rough waters. 

About ManufacturingPower 

ManufacturingPower is a cloud-based market intelligence solution designed to help small to mid-sized manufacturers streamline purchasing operations. This technology allows customers to achieve real-time visibility into industrial supply spend, better collaborate with suppliers, mitigate risk, and realize significant cost savings with the use of market transparency data. 

Through cloud database management and unique algorithms, big data allows easy access to business intelligence. Until 2020, supply chain technology was far too expensive for the smaller manufacturer. ManufacturingPower offers a low-cost ($5000 annually) solution which provides even the smallest manufacturer the ability to compare competitive pricing driving immediate savings and equally rapid ROI (return-on-investment). ManufacturingPower demonstrates that knowledge is power and transparent market intelligence data to become leaner and far more efficient. 

ManufacturingPower is a proud member of Manufacturing Alliance, MPMA (Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association) ISM (Institute for Supply Management), APICS (Twin City Chapter) and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP). 

To understand the value proposition, view this video. To schedule a demo call (612) 655-5628. Follow ManufacturingPower on Twitter at @MfgPower.

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