Charging Station In New Jersey Paves The Way To The Future

Charging Station In New Jersey Paves The Way To The Future

Patrick O’Neill, owner of SuperPower Services
SuperPower Services offering garage car charging installation service to New Jersey residents.

By Jim Kedge

RED BANK, NJ Patrick O’Neill, owner of SuperPower Services in Red Bank, NJ, wants residents to know that the future is here. “Fuel prices are on the rise, and concerns about the long-term stability of resources and energy are the forefront of our minds and conversations,” says O’Neill. “We want to help people see that reducing their emissions doesn’t have to destroy their budget.” Since starting SuperPower Services in 1996, it has been O’Neill’s priority to enrich the lives of local families, and he sees electric vehicles and charging stations in garages as part of that mission.

In January of 2020, the New Jersey government started offering a $5000 rebate for residents purchasing a fully electric car. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, when this rebate gets combined with other federal incentives and tax-exemptions, a $40,000 car could cost the average consumer as little as $28,000. Electric vehicles are desirable for many reasons but have been outside the price range or budget of many people. As governments continue to see the need for expanding renewable resources and limiting emissions, New Jersey is becoming a leader in the nation in creating space and resources across their state.

“Our people have been working hard to get ready for this,” O’Neill states proudly of his employees at SuperPower Services. “We have a proud tradition of hiring the best, and we provide world-class training to all our employees. There is an intense amount of work that goes into certification for installing car charging stations. We made it a priority to become factory authorized to install Tesla charging stations along with other brand names. We want to help people know how to make the best decision when it comes to getting ready for and buying an electric vehicle.”

For one, wall chargers are specific to the brand of car purchased. An owner can’t just plug their vehicle into any plug or charging station. Some homes and garages may need electrical upgrades to make installation possible. “Not many electrical companies are making the leap to embrace the future. Installing charging stations demands incredible skill and knowledge, and the utmost attention to safety and detail,” O’Neill explains. “Make sure the company you use has all the necessary training and experience.”

If you want more information about charging stations, check out the write up on the SuperPower Services website.

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