Peace The Keeper is the rising rap star from the cold metro of Minneapolis

Peace the Keeper, born and raised in Minneapolis is the new rising talent in the Hip Hop and Rap music scene. He began his music career in the heart of the metro music scene, fully embracing sounds & scenes he was introduced to in the ’90s to early 2000s. Pulling his sound from the obvious influence of hip-hop/rap as well as developing a taste for funk, jazz, Neo-soul & even hard rock; Peace the Keeper continues to show his potential in music. The artist has shown his musical talent with the release of his project “Smile, Please” featuring songs like “Nature Boi”, “Pocket Full” and the very intimate “Blinds”.

Peace the Keeper is a modern-day renaissance man who shows his talent not only in music production but also in video production, editing, photography and more. His sound & skill has slowly developed around the strong musical core of friends he keeps, being 1 fraction of the music collective “SORV”, composed of Mosh, Lawrence Mulrooney, Dylan Schem and Peace the Keeper.

Introduced to Hip Hop music at a young age, listening to the likes of Eminem and Wu-tang, Peace the Keeper soon realized his true passion. Later on, he also developed an interest in music by Johnny Cash and Nirvana before eventually falling for hardcore rap music. “The interest to create kind of came later after I realized I was good at rapping, super influenced by what Kendrick Lamar was doing but I wanted to be unique like Prince”, says the artist.

Talking about the kind of music he creates now, Peace the Keeper adds, “I just want people to love. I just want people to feel. Life is really difficult & most people come from similar struggling backgrounds so I want people to hear my music & relate, escape, & inspire love”.

Having raised along with his brother by a single mother, Peace the Keeper has seen a lot of struggles and discovered music as an escape from the difficult times. After realizing he is good at rapping, he went to college to learn the studio work and met a few other like-minded individuals, who together decided to form the musical collective SORV.

All music by Peace The Keeper is available on, Tidal, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.

Watch the music video of their song “The Who” on

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