This Company is Helping Save Austin Restaurants by Building Free Take-out and Delivery Websites During COVID-19 Shut Down

As of 8AM on the morning of 03/18/2020 Austin, Texas officially shut down the gatherings of more than 10 people at a time. This will, of course, impact restaurants and bars throughout the city dramatically. Many restaurants and food trucks are not properly prepared for moving to 100% take-out and delivery. Many things must be put in place to make that transition seamless and with Austin City Council giving such little notice, many Austin restaurants are either scrambling to get these processes in place or shutting their doors to stop the bleeding. That is where one Austin based company, BizeeBay, came in like Superman to help save the day for 11 restaurants and counting! 

Austin Based Digital Marketing Company, BizeeBay.

BizeeBay is creating template-based websites and applications for free to Austin restaurants that are directly impacted by the COVID-19 Virus. These websites are being designed to help streamline their take-out and delivery process with completion times of less than 24 hours. 

“When looking into the future on who is going to be impacted the most from the current economic standpoint in Austin my brain instantly gravitated to the effects these shutdowns will have on food service workers. That’s when I knew we could help,” said Jordan Lewis, co-founder of BizeeBay.

From there BizeeBay created multiple template-based websites that encompassed the ability to streamline the take-out and delivery process. Then all we needed to do was upload the menu, pricing, and company graphics. 

“We aren’t creating our normal masterpiece, but we are still creating websites that are bug-free and help our clients keep their employees paid,” said Lewis.

In the media we are seeing a lot of big companies donating massive amounts of money to help curb the COVID-19 pandemic, but we need more small and medium sized businesses stepping up to the plate to help their neighbor.  

“I think all business owners need to find a way to come together,” said Lewis. “That is ingrained into our culture. Our motto is You Grow. We Grow. So, we will be living by that more than ever these following months. We want Austin businesses to know that we are here for them whether it directly benefits us or not!”

Meanwhile, Sam Edelman, Chief Sales Officer at BizeeBay, says that he has been busy reaching out to all their over 150 clients and helping in any way they can. 

“Right now, we’re calling every current client and seeing if there is something that we can do to help them through these times. We are focusing on our client’s best interest because in the end if it is good for them it is good for us.”

Finding a way for your local business to help might not be as challenging as you thought. It could be as simple as providing food to your local business neighbor or help supply additional shipping supplies to the local boutique. Creating a culture around Austin that all businesses no matter how big or small will work together to come out the other side of the COVID-19 crisis stronger than ever! BizeeBay creating a great example of what companies should be doing in Austin, Texas.

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