Ultra-Guard Fabric Protection Guarantees Non-Toxic Stain Protection

Ultra-Guard Fabric Protection Guarantees Non-Toxic Stain Protection
Ultra-Guard Fabric Protection uses a tried and tested non-toxic formula that protects fabrics from all types of stains without altering the texture, color, or print.

What do most, if not all, fabrics have in common? They can easily be stained. Ultra-Guard Fabric Protection claims to prevent stains from ever getting on to most types of fabrics. The non-toxic formula is safe for humans and pets alike, while it does no damage to the material itself. The company claims that it protects everything from furniture to garments from stains.

Ultra-Guard Fabric Protection is available as a product as well as a service. The service uses the product on fabrics like carpets and furniture to protect it from stains. The treatment takes a couple of minutes to a few hours. The process also varies in price depending on the number of items that need to be coated with the formula.

The Ultra-Guard Fabric Protection is also available in a bottle. The easy to use spray bottle can be applied to rugs, leather, fabrics upholstery, etc. It helps to protect fabrics from wine, coffee, and other types of stains. Plus, it is hypo-allergenic and ecofriendly. It is one of the few formulas that are effective and yet don’t use any toxic chemicals.

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Ultra-Guard has a network of nationwide stain and fabric protection services for a myriad of fabrics that protect it against sun and UV rays. The advanced formula works by bonding chemically with the material to create a protective layer that prevents it from being soiled, fading, and stains.

“Ultra-Guard protection is unlike any other proof of which is the growing number of people who attest to the results they get. Not to mention that unlike similar formulas, ours is non-toxic, easy to use, and can be done by home and business owners themselves. So, you don’t have to hire us to do it,” said the spokesperson for the company.

He went on to say, “Whether you are a home or business owner, applying Ultra-Guard will help save you hundreds of dollars on otherwise removing stains or having to buy new items that can’t be cleaned. Furthermore, it is a very affordable investment when you consider the alternative.”

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