In 2020 NCTTA West Regional, rising stars from Ohlone College Table Tennis Team

It is well-known that National Collegiate Table Tennis Association (NCTTA) tournament is the highest level of national-wide table tennis tournaments in North America. Therefore, a large quantity of the US top Pingpang players and even Olympians such as Lily Zhang, Yue Wu, Tom Feng as well as many other professional young athletes were attracted to participate in NCTTA tournaments each year. Ohlone College player Qiao Jiao is one of the defending champions in Women’s Singles in 2019 National Collegiate Table Tennis Championships of North America. She owns a significant reputation in her community and continuously attend the game on behalf of the school for the past few years.

Despite severe competition among a great number of the outstanding table tennis players, Ohlone college table tennis representatives put huge efforts on their diligent practice and routine excises, which eventually bring forward their steps to win the championship in NCTTA West Regional tournament game in the early March in 2020 (Feb 29th – March 1st).

Ohlone College table tennis team, which is organized by four determined young ladies, has maintained a historical tradition to strengthen the capability of their members by absorbing excellent talents and specialties to achieve a higher level of the competence. “Our ultimate goal is a global horizon.” As we were told by the chief leader of the Ohlone College table tennis team.

2020 NCTTA West Regional tournament game started in the early March in 2020 at Sacramento International Table Tennis Association, In Sacramento, California. In addition to their table tennis skills, teamwork is another decisive factor to their accomplishments. It is unbelievable to see those ladies always encourage every team member, and express belief to each other consistently. While some of the other team players are playing in the game, the rest of the members would show great support to the soldiers on the ground, and afterwards exchange the best experiencing strategies as best as they could to other players. That is how the team learned to stick together to form a sturdy strength like a tornado. 

For the past decade, they have cultivated a bunch of incredible sterling members and champions during the annual NCTTA tournament in the US.

Won the 1st place in Coed-Teams (Baiyu Chen, Qiao Jiao, Yiwei Liu, Xin Li) Ohlone College

Beat San Jose State University in Semi-Finals, and UC Berkeley in the Finals

Won the 1st place in Women’s Teams (Qiao Jiao, Yiwei Liu, Xin Li, Meichun Shi) Ohlone

Beat the University of British Columbia in the Finals

Baiyu Chen — Men’s Singles Champion

Qiao Jiao — Women Singles Runner-up.

Yiwei Liu — Women Singles Semi-Finalists.

Xin Li — Women Singles Semi-Finalists.

Qiao Jiao is the president of Ohlone Table Tennis Club. This 23-year-old girl has gained abundant experience in 2019 National Collegiate Table Tennis Championships of North America, as a defending champion in Women’s Singles unexpectedly. From then on, her confidence has been built at that competition which deeply shaped her vision for her future perspective. “This year in 2020, my goal is to win Women’s Singles again and lead Ohlone Table Tennis players to win Coed-Teams and Women’s teams in 2020 NCTTA National Championships.” the young girl said with a bright smile over her face. Qiao has become a training partner for The US National Team players for not very long, but she has obtained enough practical skills over the battlefield to help others prepare for 2020 Olympic Games.

It wouldn’t be surprised to know that Qiao started playing table tennis since 8 years old, when she was at elementary school in China. However toilsome the table tennis training was back then, she overcome numerous difficulties and improved herself step by step. Amazingly, in a very short time, she turned into a professional table tennis player rapidly by honing her strategic sports skills effortlessly to achieve outstanding performance in several competitions.

Being renowned as the best player in their local team, Qiao was then selected to enter the provincial team to play a key role for the group. With the following exceeding records of performance, Qiao honorably joined China’s national team as a ladder player as young as 16 years old. Even though she did not attend many national competitions as an official player of China national team, Qiao indeed played with a couple of the best players in the world and achieved her dream of being a professional table tennis player so that she retired with no regrets later in China. Qiao also received the accreditation of referee by self-study two years ago, and later she attended Ohlone College for further study as her wish. Ohlone is where her dream of improving her academy and having her own business started. During her life here, Qiao made her efforts to adapt to a brand-new environment meanwhile worked super hard to maintain a high GPA at school.

Here are her outstanding accomplishments:

Won the Women’s Singles champion in 2019 ISET National Collegiate Table Tennis Championships of North America.

2019 National Collegiate Table Tennis Association “Female Athlete of the Year”.

Won the Women’s Singles champion in 2019 San Diego Open Tournament

Won the Open Doubles champion in 2019 San Diego Open Tournament

Won the Women’s Singles champion in 2019 Swan Warriors April Open

Another team member named Baiyu Chen (Bob Chen), 26 years old, is currently a preeminent coach of the US National Team. He played Pingpang for 18 years in China at Shandong Luneng Table Tennis Club. Is the same team as Zhang Jike and Fang Bo. Few years ago Chen completed his undergraduate studies in China and is fortunate enough to be enrolled by a community college in the United States so that she has got a chance to play table tennis again at the University. Not only does he practice the game with other members, but also, he earned a steady coach job at school to train more excellent athletes for the future.

Here are his outstanding accomplishments:

2014 US National Championships Team champion

2014 Australia International Tournament Team Champion

2014 California December ICC Tournament Men’s Singles Champion

2015 North America Table Tennis Tour-Grand Final men’s single 2nd

2016 US Open men’s single 2nd place

2016 US Open Double’s champion

2016 Joola North America teams team champion

2016 California December ICC Tournament Men’s Singles Champion

2017 California May ICC Tournament Men’s Singles Champion

Yiwei Liu, as the youngest member in this team, is supremely lucky to get a such considerate and careful leader like Qiao to carry her in the competition in her 20s. She has been playing Pingpong for more than 15 years. Back in China, Liu was a member of Shandong Luneng Table Tennis Team which is also a part of an official authority. Besides, Luneng is one of the top table tennis club in China and has cultivated such excellent athletes like Zhang Jike and Fangbo who are the Olympic Champions in China. “I am honored to be one of family member of Luneng, and exceedingly proud to be a teammate with the Olympic champion.” This cute girl answered. Now, Liu study as a student at Ohlone College and participate NCTTA to represent the school team. Undoubtedly, she expressed her strong feeling and dream that she would continue to work hard in her table tennis career and also will do her best to contribute to the development of table tennis in the United States.

Here are her outstanding accomplishments:

2019 ISET National Collegiate Table Tennis Championships of North America — Women’s Doubles second place.

Xin Li played Pingpang for 14 years in China in Shanxi province with some famous athletes such as Yang Wu and Xiao Dan Li. She completed her undergraduate in Shanxi university, and further obtained the opportunity to study in a community college in the United States. Together with the other players, Xin got the women’s singles champion in tournament of Shan Xi in 2015. Later she got a women’s team champion in national competition in 2013. As a member in Ohlone College Table Tennis Team, Xin is able to achieve a complete different level of the success of her life despite previous lacking of great chances. 

Although the rugged road ahead, these girls still hold their goals to win Coed-Teams, Women’s Teams and Singles in 2020 NCTTA National Championships and win more trophies for Ohlone College in the future. What’s more, they are willing to promote table tennis as a fundamental sport spirit in Ohlone College, in our community, and in the US. Bringing more people to play and enjoy table tennis, they want to show their grateful heart to their dear friend, Ohlone College Trustee, Vice Chair–Teresa Cox and the entire Ohlone College Board of Trustees and President Dr. Gari Browning for taking them to a higher level of the world. 

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