Skip Hand Sanitizer, Use Online Tax Accountant

Skip Hand Sanitizer, Use Online Tax Accountant
The IRS recently announced the delay of income tax payments. However, WCG encourages everyone to revisit personal services such as an online tax accountant.

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, UNITED STATES – March 18, 2020 – Access to personal services such as tax preparation is a big concern for taxpayers but there is a safe and secure solution. Latesha Anderson, Brand Ambassador for WCG, states, “People would rather sit in the comfort of PJs sippin’ on a nice latte while uploading tax documents to an online tax accountant than make an appointment. People are busy. People want safety. People like convenience. Today, people like safety and convenience combined.”

WCG has been remotely preparing tax returns since 2007 using secure online client portals, text messaging, videoconferencing, and other technologies. While many CPA firms now offer client portals, WCG has been an online tax accountant for over a decade.

Also, since most tax documents come to taxpayers as a PDF, printing this information out, scheduling an appointment and driving to a tax accountant seems outdated. Today as society becomes more safety conscience, people are using terms such as social distancing routinely in daily dialogue. Tina Watson, CPA, founding partner of WCG states, “Many clients like the efficiency of using an online tax accountant. This offers convenience for sure, but today it also offers safety and security.”

All taxpayers should leverage an online tax accountant to prepare tax returns. Contactless. No touching. No hugs and handshakes. A traditional and perhaps stuffy industry of face to face meetings about tax returns is now shifting to online tax filings with phone calls, emails, and portals. Join the growing crowd using online tax accountants, and skip the hand sanitizer.

Jason Watson, CPA is the Managing Partner of WCG Inc., a business consultation and tax preparation CPA firm located in Colorado Springs, and is the author of Taxpayer’s Comprehensive Guide on LLC’s and S Corps which is available online and from average retailers.

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