Truckers Understand the Importance of DOT Inspections

Truckers Understand the Importance of DOT Inspections

DOT inspections are designed to ensure that commercial trucks are safe to drive. Routine inspections don’t just help to prevent breakdowns; They save lives. Truckers know how important they are, but it’s easy to let life get in the way. Read on to find out how Ferguson Truck Center can help drivers in Houston ensure their safety and keep their equipment on the road.

Stay Up-to-Date

The state of Texas requires commercial drivers or fleet managers to have their trucks inspected annually. Not all managers keep careful track of their vehicles’ DOT inspection schedules, though, which makes it easy to slip up and get behind. The truck center will automatically track expiration dates, giving fleet managers or independent operators the extra warning they need to get their annual inspections before their stickers expire.

Comprehensive Inspections

Wondering what criteria inspection officers use to determine whether a truck is safe to drive? All DOT-licensed facilities follow the same procedures. Here’s what they look for:

Lights and Visibility

The truck’s headlights, rear lights, and red reflector lamps will all be inspected to ensure that they work, as will all turn signals. In trucks over 80″ wide, the cab lights in the front and back will also be inspected. The number of taillights and stop lights the vehicle requires varies based on its year of manufacture, as does the requirement for functioning beam indicators. All trucks must have working windshield wipers and mirrors to ensure visibility.

Brake System

The operator will inspect both the brake system and the truck’s tires. The braking system will need to be in working condition if the driver is to pass, and the tires should have adequate tread depth and normal patterns of wear. Check out to find out about other tire requirements.

Emissions Testing

All vehicles manufactured after 1967 must undergo emissions testing. This gives inspection officers the chance to evaluate levels of nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, non-methane organic gases, and particulates emitted along with the truck’s exhaust. Drivers or fleet managers should also expect to undergo a full inspection of their exhaust systems to identify any leaks. Emissions testing protects both drivers and the environment, so it really is necessary.

Additional Safety Concerns

The inspector will also check safety equipment. As with routine car inspections, this part of the truck inspection involves checking to make sure the seat belts work, the horn honks, and the steering wheel moves easily. In Texas, it also involves checking the gas cap and the level of window tinting.

What to Provide

Drivers or fleet managers need to provide some information about the truck. They should be prepared to provide the inspector with its VIN, serial number, and motor number. Some of this information can be found on the truck, itself.

Schedule an Inspection Today

It’s easier than ever to schedule annual inspections in Houston. Visit to place an inspection request online or call (713) 237-0044 to speak with a company representative. It’s important to call ahead since the facility will need to make space for the truck before it arrives, so get started now.

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