The Covered Patio for the Best Retractable Awnings and Screens in Tennessee

The Covered Patio for the Best Retractable Awnings and Screens in Tennessee
The Covered Patio helps the residents and commercial establishments in Tennessee make the best use of the open space on their properties. Whether for seating guests at home or attracting customers, awnings and screens are useful installations.

According to announcements released by The Covered Patio and Taylor Ford, the company installs retractable, fixed fabric, and aluminum awnings as well as solar screens. The choice of materials and style of awnings and pergolas allows for different uses for diverse scenarios. Aluminum awnings are a good choice for spaces that need protection from rain and winds. The heavy-duty aluminum also works admirably as door canopies to protect entrants from winds, rain, and snow. Awnings offer many benefits, such as the ability to enjoy the fresh air outside without the heat beating down upon you, adding to the available living space, providing comfortable seating for guests, and reducing energy costs because the awnings block heat from entering the premises and placing additional load on the air conditioner.

According to sources, the company’s range of fixed fabric awnings includes more than 100 appealing patterns and colors that add value and beauty to any property. These awnings are wonderfully inviting during the dry months. Wind-load tested solar screens offered by the company are retractable, made from extruded diecast aluminum, and perfect choices for porches, patios, and windows where heat, wind, and insect control are desired. The awnings and screens are easy to install and operate and function for years with minimal care. The products are manufactured in America using state-of-the-art technology that minimizes waste. The company passes on the savings to its customers.

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Taylor Ford of The Covered Patio said, “When selecting the retractable patio awning in Nashville that’s right for you, you have the choice of having it manual or motorized, meaning that you can either retract the awning by hand, or by a button with the use of a motor. Picking the retractable awning is simple; all you have to do is figure out what widths and projections are right for your home, choose the frame, pick a color, and choose between motorized or manual.“

He continued, “our retractable awnings are made by NuShade, a very reliable company that uses quality materials to construct their products. If you have a business that needs an awning, usually it’s a fixed awning to keep your customers dry, but we can also offer retractable awnings to businesses. Also, consider our retractable window shades as well, to keep your guests happy. For our retractable awnings, most jobs only take one day. However, if you need to install multiple awnings, it could take a few days. Every installation is different. The selection of a motorized one is a great choice for many people. If your awning is motorized, you can easily have it retracted in and out in a timely fashion. Having the awning motorized takes away some of the annoyances of putting out an awning, such as the physical labor it sometimes demands for some people. Also, we’ll fix any awning, even if we didn’t install it. Any brand. Any competitor. We want to earn your business.”

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