Free Inspection & Maintenance Software to Fight Against Coronavirus

March 19, 2020 – JRS Innovation is giving away paper-free inspection maintenance software with free access to ”advanced” features in a bid to help out with the fight against the novel Coronavirus.

The maintenance software and Mobile App based tool, which will come in handy for those in Construction, Mining & transportation, will be rolled out for customers all over the world from now to May 15th, 2020.

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As affected Countries continue to create unparalleled preventive and palliative measures to curtail the disastrous impact of the virus, individual companies and organizations have begun to adopt remote and contact-free measures to work. However, in the construction, mining & transportation industries, work from home is not feasible. This is where digital tools like HVI, TruckCMMS & BusCMMS, come in handy to minimize the physical contacts and at the same time increase productivity.

Digital tech enables Drivers, Mechanics, and Operators to conduct their DVIR, Pre & Post inspections using their mobile phones, in the process, eliminating human contacts which the current paper-based and manual process necessitates which in turn, increases the risk of spreading the virus.

The digital tech is built to swiftly and automatically send email and app notification to the mechanic and back-office team if any defect is found in the course of the inspection and also remotely plan maintenance and execute WorkOrder with the HVI mobile Apps. Click the link to Get your 2 months Free 

How it will help your business

Swift mode of communication:

Eliminates manual paper record keeping with Immediate Email trigger to the right person on any reported defect. Rules out data copy from paper to system. Signed information submitted by the user becomes a single version of the truth.


The latest inbuilt user interface makes it very easy to find information in system. Complete information tracking with Visual indicators. Monitor and enforce Inspection and Maintenance processes near real-time across all sites & locations.

Advanced Reporting:

Saves money by reducing the overall cost of operations, while generating better ROI. Make prior decisions based on advance reporting to reduce downtime and unplanned maintenance.

Normally, JRS Innovation charges $8 per asset per month HVI Price. But for up to the next 2 months, Small businesses with up to 10 Transport or Heavy Equipment can use software at no charges while businesses with up to 100 Assets will enjoy 50% price reduction which is a $400 savings to reduce impact of Coronavirus Outbreak.

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