How Home Works Painting Continues To Impart the Community in Chantilly

How Home Works Painting Continues To Impart the Community in Chantilly
Home Works Painting has made an announcement on their dedication to supporting community projects. The founder and president of Home Works Painting, Mike Katounas, has worked hard to exhibit exceptional professionalism that reaches outside of his company. He is passionate about delivering quality services that ensure people are living in elegant conditions. Together with his colleagues, they have decided to do everything possible to give back to the local community.

Chantilly, VA – March 19, 2020 – The company affirms its continued engagement and support for local community projects. The company takes pride in joining the Paint-It-Forward movement. The team combines its efforts with those of other painting contractors in Fairfax to provide free painting services for families in need. Through this program, the company has also been able to deliver painting materials to needy families as well as non-profit organizations. 

Home Works Painting has worked with Home Services Solutions Group. The company exhibited its exceptional painting skills when remodeling military family basements. The professional team repaired walls and skillfully painted the whole basement. The team also put in extra effort to build an entertainment center. 

Taking part in the repainting and remodeling of Shelter House has been a significant contribution by the painting company in Fairfax. The founder says that he is proud to take part in changing the lives of people who are offered temporary housing at Shelter House. The enthusiastic team provided skilled painting services for temporary homes. They worked together to ensure that families have a clean and elegant home environment to keep them comfortable. The company is empathetic about people who are going through difficult times; that’s why they dedicate their efforts to ensure they are at ease in the new environment. 

In a partnership with the Brain Injury Service Pediatric Program, Home Works Painting has proudly made donations to their programs. The non-profit organization attends to young ones who survive brain injuries. The contributions made by Home Works Painting directly benefited the children together with their families. The company says that they would support the families in all aspects of their lives. They donated a percentage of their sales that would cater to the recreation, medical, and mental health needs of the families. 

The company affirms that it also gladly participates in Relay for Life, a program by the American Cancer Society. They acknowledge the work of the doctors, and that’s why they engage in the program to support them. Through this program, the team members give hope and support for those who are suffering from cancer, and those who have lost their loved ones to cancer. The company continues to make contributions to research in the hope that one time, the cure for all types of cancers will be invented.

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Home Works Painting is an award-winning company founded in 2005. The company has grown steadily over time because of the excellent services they provide to clients. To learn more about the Home Works Painting and its team, visit their website or contact them at (703) 629-6543.

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