“follow.it” Launches as Next Generation Feedburner Alternative – Features Advanced RSS Reader – Websites Can Offer Visitors To Follow Them & Receive Notifications Automatically as Content is Published

“follow.it” Launches as Next Generation Feedburner Alternative - Features Advanced RSS Reader - Websites Can Offer Visitors To Follow Them & Receive Notifications Automatically as Content is Published
Former service SpecificFeeds re-launches under the new brand name “follow.it”, with enhanced design and new features, positioning “follow.it” as the primary Feedburner alternative, as well as an RSS Reader.

Qormi, Malta – March 19, 2020 – While Feedburner used to be the leading application for website owners to offer their followers to keep abreast of new content, it has become an archaic relic of what it used to be. “SpecificFeeds”, having reached the milestone of 100k websites and 1m readers made it clear to its founders that it was time to make a significant upgrade to the application and create a new paradigm in this niche. 

As a result, the team spent the last 12 months on a complete overhaul of the service, including a re-development of significant parts of the architecture, a new design, more features, and a new brand name: “follow.it”. 

Included as part of the re-launch, important gaps in the value proposition have been closed, making “follow.it” a complete solution for website owners to offer their visitors to follow them and receive notifications automatically when new content has been published. This way, former visitors come back, increasing website traffic exponentially.  

The motivation for investing significantly into the re-launch was further increased due to the lack of valid alternatives. During a recent interview, Nick Ahmann, Co-Founder of follow.it, made these comments, “The main player has always been Feedburner. However, after Google’s acquisition in 2007 the service’s development has come to an abrupt halt. Despite this, Feedburner is still a key player in the field, after so many years. This points to the dearth of valid alternatives. We want to fill that gap with follow.it and further expand on features, utilizing the many notification technologies available today.”  

In addition to providing services to publishers, “follow.it” is also an RSS Reader. This way the accumulated know-how about message delivery and RSS, the underlying technology enabling the updates, can be leveraged and offered to information consumers as well.  

As an RSS Reader, “follow.it” is aiming to tackle the long-standing problem of information overload and missing out on relevant news. A key component to achieve this will be sophisticated filter techniques, which the “follow.it” developer team will focus on in the coming months.  

By targeting both publishers as well as consumers of news, “follow.it” aims to achieve the overarching goal of reviving RSS technology as a whole. While RSS is still powering significant parts of the web, it is not on top of mind for many end users, which is also due to Google’s neglect of Feedburner and abandonment of Google Reader in 2013.  

However, the “follow.it” team believes that RSS is more important than ever in a world of information overload, connectivity of services and information consumers need for convenience and staying on top of the news. 

About “follow.it”:

Today’s information markets are inefficient: readers frequently miss out on important news because they don’t get alerted when relevant content gets published – and publishers get less readers. Common alert tools have major drawbacks, ranging from subscribers’ reluctance to subscribe (e.g. email newsletters) to a low chance of seeing the updates even if they did subscribe (e.g. social media). 

“follow.it” is a web service aiming to deliver better ways of subscription with enhanced filtering options and a wider choice of delivery channels. This way information consumers get alerted about important news and publishers reach more readers.  

“follow.it” is the successor of SpecificFeeds which acquired a user base of over 100,000 website owners and over 1 million readers. 

For complete information, visit: https://follow.it

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