Residents Find Many Benefits to Pole Buildings

Residents Find Many Benefits to Pole Buildings

What’s the benefit of a pole building over a stick-frame building? The benefit of a pole building is it can be constructed faster than a stick-frame building because the framing system can be put into the ground. With a regular wood-frame building, a slab, foundation, or crawlspace needs to be constructed, which costs additional money and time. For someone who wants immediate storage space for minimal cost, Hoover Buildings is a great option to choose from. Pole buildings are constructed with different framing. That is really the only difference between the two types of buildings. Pole buildings were named because of their appearance and the pole system they are constructed with.

Agricultural Buildings

Pole buildings were almost always seen on farms and other agricultural sites because they didn’t require anything but a dirt floor. This was a wonderful way for a farmer to gain storage space for their tractors, livestock, or supplies they needed on the farm. The building could be constructed quickly on a flat piece of land, and the floor could remain dirt. The dirt doesn’t require additional excavation like a foundation would need, which makes this an ideal choice for many residents in Lexington, SC.

Great Way To Get A Business Started

When an individual is starting a business, start-up costs need to be watched closely. Pole buildings are affordable. The best feature about a pole building is it can easily be added onto. Porches and large overhangs can be easily added to a pole building. For a business that is opening a new store or restaurant, this type of construction provides additional options to enhance the business’s curb appeal while controlling costs. Another wonderful feature about pole buildings is they provide large openings that a stud wall of a wooden-framed building wouldn’t offer unless additional engineering is added. There are a variety of buildings an individual can choose from at

Safety Features

A wood-frame building sits on a foundation or crawl space instead of the ground. A pole building is tight to the ground, which reduces damage from wind and other elements it can face. Stick-built buildings have weak links at the trusses and corners that can leave it vulnerable to wind damage. The posts of a pole building are anchored four feet into the ground, which makes these buildings sturdy.

Load Bearing Walls

There are no load-bearing walls with a pole building,  except the exterior, that hold the roof structure in place except in extremely large buildings. The roof is held by sturdy trusses. This feature also helps to lower the cost of a building.


Whether it’s the heat or the cold, a properly insulated building can cut energy costs. Wood-frame buildings have a lot of gaps that can allow air to leak into the living space. Pole buildings can provide an air-tight building and reduce energy costs. If constructing a building on your property that will last for years to come, visit to learn more.

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