2 Tips To Choose A Concrete Contractor In Woodstock GA This Spring

2 Tips To Choose A Concrete Contractor In Woodstock GA This Spring

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Hiring the wrong concrete contractor in Woodstock this spring could be dangerous and costly — Even fatal!

It’s spring here in Cobb County, Ga. Homeowners are thinking about going outside and enjoying their backyards again. They are also thinking about beautifying those yards with new patios, retaining walls, sidewalk pavers, hardscapes, backyard fireplaces, firepits and kitchens.

We reached out to Matt Cook of Concrete Contractors in Woodstock Ga to ask what a home owner should look for in a concrete contractor.

Matt gave 2 tips to help homeowners pick the right Woodstock concrete company to work with.

1) Check out the contractors credentials and reviews.

Matt shares, “Check on line reviews. Make sure they do not sound spammy. Unscrupulous contractors can actually pay for online reviews today. So ask yourself does this sound like a real review or a fake review.”

Anything else to share?

Matt continues, “While we have been in business for over 10 years, many small concrete contractors in Woodstock don’t make it in this business. Eventually they close their doors and work for someone else. So be sure to look for recent reviews and not old reviews from several years ago.”

2) Will the contractor contact the Georgia Utilities Protection Center before starting new concrete work?

Why is this so important?

Notice Matt’s response:

If a concrete crew starts to break up your existing concrete or dig in your yard and cuts a utility wire or hits a gasline it could be fatal. Additionally, it could mean thousands of dollars in fines for you as the homeowner.”

He continues “Your front yard may contain phone company cables, cable TV conduits, water pipes, natural gas lines and electrical power lines.

So you can see why it is necessary to contact the UPC immediately before starting any work.”

This especially goes for homeowners that want to do their own backyard concrete work.

What happens after you contact UPC?

Matt shares, “UPC will identify all underground utilities. This way they will not be accidently damaged.

Take this seriously because failing to do so may result in death or serious injury. Finally, it can result in thousands of dollars in fines to repair the damaged pipes and wires.”

Imagine hiring the cheapest concrete contractor in Woodstock GA only to find they never called UPC before beginning any work on your property.

It could be disasterous.

Sadly, things like this happen across the country every year. So protect your home and your family. Hire someone that will look aout for your best interests.

If you have any questions to ask a concrete contractor in Woodstock, feel free to contact Matt Cook at his contact information below.

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