The Goldilocks Enigma formed by a married couple aims to answer deeper questions of life and existence through music

They are not an ordinary couple but prefer to live an ordinary life, away from shining selfies, social media fame, and camera lights. Together they are on a mission to explore a deeper meaning to life, existence, and laws of the universe that make the life possible. With their musical project called “The Goldilocks Enigma”, the husband singer and wife, formed an unstoppable singing and songwriting team that creates meaningful music that answers a lot of questions and leaves you with a lot more questions. As avid followers of Jesus Christ, they hope to use their music to inspire those who find themselves in a position to allow it to prick their hearts and point them to Christ.

“First and foremost our mission is to worship Jesus Christ, God, Elohim, El Shaddai, Jehovah Jirah, in the midst of where we are, in present-day America, while trying to maintain our composure in the middle of our daily trials, tribulations, and persecutions.  We lay it all down and give the burden to Christ, whom, without him, all things are vain and futile”, states The Husband.

The husband has 16-year writing, recording, touring, Indie past wasted in the world of secular music on levels most musicians are striving for every day. The wife, on the other hand, has utilized all of her degrees of higher learning, gifted intellectual curiosity, and numerous church-based organizational skills to bring an edge that is not normally found in any music.  It’s evident that the two do not seek regular fame and fortune like most other musicians, so what do they seek? Answering this question, the Wife states, “We bring an inspired two-edged sword. We are here to exalt AND exhort. We want to give a positive message to the world with our music, to follow the path of God and find meaning in their lives.”

The acoustic guitar arrangements and soothing vocals by the duo has garnered them great feedback from the media houses and critics, one of whom says in their review, “With lyrics that could make many a Christian squirm in their comfortable lives, The Goldilocks Enigma will challenge you to step up to the plate and be the example that He expects you to be, not what the rest of us expects you to be.”

The name “Goldilocks Enigma” is an inspired metaphor, by the theory of the same name, that states that the universal laws are perfectly aligned to sustain life systems in this universe and if one law goes wrong, it’ll threaten our entire existence. In the band’s context, it means that the couple is perfectly poised to see and know God in this world, thanks to his divine wisdom.

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