“Xiebanghu” Wins Innovation Award of British Basic Building Materials Industry

Recently, China’s well-known building materials brand “Xiebanghu” won the British Basic Building Materials Industry Innovation Award at the prestigious British Building Materials Industry Network Media Awards.

In the past 10 years since its establishment, Xiebanghu has been actively exploring the development trend of the industry and deeply exploring the needs of customers. It has provided valuable product research and development and product upgrading suggestions for many partners in the UK. Especially, its strict requirements on environmental protection performance of building materials have ensured the overall environmental protection quality of the building materials markets in China and Britain, and have been well received in the building materials industry in both countries.

Ten years ago, waterborne resin paint was not popular, and paint was still the mainstream at that time. Although the paint was poisonous, harmful, smelly, poor in abrasion resistance and easy to peel and crack, the more durable nontoxic odorless water-based paint was monopolized by expensive imported brands. Therefore, the floor paint at that time was mainly paint. Later, Xiebanghu introduced advanced overseas technology to make it possible for domestic waterborne epoxy floor paint to replace paint. More than ten years later, it has become common sense to buy water-based paint if people buy floor paint. While updating people’s understanding of water-based environmental protection paint, let more people know that Xiebanghu is needed to paint.

About Xiebanghu

Xiebanghu is a high-end brand owned by Xinyi Tuoke Decoration Co., Ltd. which focuses on the production of a series of basic building materials such as floor paint, waterproof series, thermal insulation materials and house-wide customization. The company is located in Xinyi, Jiangsu, and has set up Xiebanghu’s factories in Tianjin, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Hubei and other places. It will expand its factories in more cities, which will lay a solid foundation for the rapid development of Xiebanghu. 

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