Omni Threat Structures’ New Prototype Confirms More Options For EMP Protection

LAKELAND, FLORIDA – March 20, 2020 – Omni-Threat Structures (OTS), the developer of a breakthrough electromagnetic shielding concrete system (EMSS) for construction, has achieved new levels of EMP shielding effectiveness and cost controls.

For the past 7 years, OTS has effectively commercialized shielding concrete to deliver a system and structures that protect critical infrastructure from HEMP and IEMI attacks. To date, OTS has built shielded structures for clients in the power utility market. Methods range from onsite and offsite construction of pre-fabricated modules to panelization for smaller projects. These scalable levels of shielding utilize varying thickness of panels and embedded shielding elements. OTS can design and construct from 40 dB to 100 dB.

As part of its on-going R&D initiative and continuing drive to lower cost, OTS has recently constructed another prototype building, OTS Integrated Shielded Test Structure, to validate the next generation of OTS EMSS materials and methods. The result was incontrovertible proof that the shielded envelope can be 10 inches instead of the previous 12 inches thick to meet Mil STD 188-125 shielding.

ATSI (Advanced Testing Services Inc), with 28 years of military and civilian testing experience, conducted the testing. Test results establishing Mil STD 188-125 shielding compliance is below:

Executive Summary

MIL-STD-188-125-1 Appendix A acceptance testing was performed on one RF shielded enclosure, the OTS Integrated Shielded Test Structure known as OTS ISTS. This testing took place at Omni-Threat Structures located in Lakeland, Florida. Testing took place on December 4, 2019. with no deviations of MIL-STD-188-125-1 Appendix A. The OTS ISTS under test successfully satisfied all pass/fail criteria specified.

OTS Integrated Shielded Test Structure Description

The OTS Integrated Shielded Test Structure consists of a 10 inch thick cube of OTS proprietary, licensed conductive concrete mix with two embedded shielding grids. The approximate dimensions of the OTS Integrated Shielded Test Structure are 8’ x 8’ x 10’. One RF door and four WBC pipe penetrations installed as part of the RF shield barrier.

For more information or to request the full testing report, please contact Peter Fedele via email at:

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