Art and Human Connection are the Main Ingredients of Israeli Artist’s Newest Efforts

Yael Yael seeks to bring her art to the masses through wearable art and accessories that provide visual connections to complex human emotions.

Tel Aviv, Israel – For over a decade, Israeli artist Yael Yael has translated her worldview and experiences onto canvas. The artist’s efforts have resulted in a commendable portfolio of abstract works that have gained the attention of notables in the art world as well as international media. And now, Yael Yael is launching her newest venture, as she hopes to make her art more accessible to people across the globe by offering her works in wearable forms.

For Yael Yael, art has always provided her an outlet to express herself and connect with others. She was born in Romania under the iron-fisted rule of dictator Nikolai Ceausescu, and through his harsh edits, like thousands of other children born into poverty in the period, was forced into an orphanage. She would bounce back and forth between orphanages for four years, until the conclusion of the Ceausescu revolution. This time was brutal for young Yael, the years scarred by scarce food and regular mental and physical violence.

After four years of struggling to survive in these horrific conditions, Yael was finally adopted by an Israeli family who had wanted to adopt her years before at six months old.

As Yael Yael came of age in Israel, her life was turbulent, marked by bouncing from educational institution to educational institution. Her youth and adulthood were and have been marked by struggles with mental illness and trying to make sense of her place in the world around her. As a result of the toll her illness and struggles took on her, Yael Yael lost all of her hair as a teen, with it never growing back.

Yael Yael soon came to find out that art was one of the only outlets that adequately allowed her to express her internal emotions. The chaos of abstract art perfectly captured the many emotions within her, providing her an external way to share her views and feelings with the world around her. Her other works, black and white portraits of herself, allow her to express how she feels about herself, inexplicably black and white, living and breathing in a world of colorful chaos around her.

Until this time, Yael Yael’s art has primarily been featured in gallery exhibitions. But she is looking to change that with the launch of her e-commerce site, Yael Yael Art.

On her site, Yael Yael has a wide selection of men’s and women’s wearable goods for purchase featuring her art. Sweatshirts, sports bras, leggings, and joggers are among the wearables featured, while additional accessories such as fanny packs, backpacks, and tote bags are also available for purchase. Each of the pieces is made from high-quality materials and captures the essence of Yael Yael’s art — colorful, chaotic, and mesmerizing.

“I hope to not only make my art more accessible to everyday people with my new line of wearables and accessories but also to help connect others who sometimes may feel overwhelmed in this chaotic world,” said Yael Yael. “Art has been a life-saving outlet for me, and if others can feel that same sense of calm and peace through my art by finding something that visually expresses how they are feeling, then I have accomplished my goal as an artist.”

To learn more about Yael Yael or to purchase any of her new wearable products or accessories, visit

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