IntelliView A State Of The Art RFID Tracking Technology By SPT

Tampa, FL – Mar 23, 2020 – In a fast paced changing and dynamic inventory used for emergency services in Fire Fighting, it becomes extremely difficult to manage the essential equipment, first aid kits, personnel and safety gear on a day to day and hour to hour basis. Manual checking is not always full – proof and when dealing with multiple emergency situations, one after the other, not only the manual checking and stocking of the inventory needed is not possible but mostly, some or the other critical equipment or first aid medicine is found missing when needed the most.

To solve and be ever ready to deal with any situation, Silent Partner Technologies™, (SPT™) has developed IntelliView, an RFID asset and inventory management system for Fire & EMS services.

The Web based system,  compatible with Android mobile apps, uses Bar Code identification for active and passive support to solve inventory management issues for large and small organisations, locally and globally. You can map your assets and staff from anywhere, anytime.

The software users and clients can access their data on a phone on a real time basis to track tools, check in/out, and personnel tracking under all conditions. To keep a ready record of the movement of inventory, assets or personnel, the software also does generate reports from time to time.

Should there be a mismatch with a rule base inventory, asset or personnel requirement for a given situation, the equipment tracker shoots out hardware alerts or simple date alerts to meet the given exigencies. The technology tracks the inventory for the date an asset is acquired to the day it is discarded, providing a cradle to the grave history of inventory consumed or the service asset used.

The state of the art technology brings about automation, saves operational costs, standardized practices, gives control to attain compliance wherever and whenever required.

The IntelliView provides a perfect solution for Fire and EMS asset management. This exclusive product can track active or passive assets by RFID read barcodes on a real-time basis with GPS locations. Being a cloud based service, there is no need for installing additional servers.

Backed by 15 years of  experience in RFID technologies with advanced applications, SPT™ has the competence to deliver customized solutions for a variety of industry needs.

From a single RFID Asset, innovative application of the technologies can be put to use for inventory management for site surveys to business engineering analysis. To suit the needs of a company or a service, SPT™ has the capacity to install special support hardware, freshly designed by their engineers, who will also install the equipment.

About Silent Partner Technologies™

Silent Partner Technologies™, a developer and integrator of RFID asset and inventory management solutions, is a Tampa Bay, FL based company. As developers, manufacturers and implementers of leading edge RFID technologies, Silent Partner Technologies™ has 15 years of experience in providing barcode tracking asset and inventory management solutions for a variety of industrial and service needs. The technology is in use for tracking military training simulation hardware, tracking cargo shipments from the Atlantic coast of Columbia, South America to the Pacific Coast and tracking and management of high value RFID Art Assets across many retail locations spread over many geographies on a real-time basis.

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