Dentures and Dental Implants are Now More Affordable and More Natural

A great smile helps with self-confidence.  Anyone that has some missing, or broken teeth, or is experiencing complete tooth loss can attest to this.  Self confidence can drop dramatically when a patient has a bad smile.  Not only that but missing or broken teeth can also affect a person physically, limiting chewing and altering the shape of the face and the jawbone.  Poor nutrition and a host of other health problems can also occur with missing or bad teeth, such as diabetes and other chronic diseases.  

There are several types of missing teeth.

The reasons are diverse too and have scientific names.  There is a genetic predisposition called hypodontia, where some back molars and other teeth just don’t develop from baby teeth.  Oligodontia involves the loss of six or more teeth and has varying reasons, including decay and accident, and anodontia is the loss of all teeth, leaving an individual in essence “toothless”.  Anodontia is the most embarrassing form of tooth loss.  Individuals with the total loss of teeth can become socially isolated and withdrawn. 

Canadians have a rather significant rate of total tooth loss.

Statistics from the Canadian Government show that as many as six percent of the entire population of Canada has no teeth at all.  This is alarming and caused by many reasons.  The first reason is the lack of insurance that covers dental procedures in Canada.  Most individuals engage in preventive hygiene such as routine dental cleanings only when they can afford it, as Canada does not provide dental insurance.  This must be obtained through an employer or by privately paying which holds many Canadians back from seeing a dentist routinely.  Another reason is the ability to find what Canadians consider a dental or denture clinic “near me.”  Canada is a land that is spread out and sometimes finding a dental and denture clinic “near me” especially around Toronto can be challenging.  Dental clinics such as Osmin Denture Clinic are trying their best to solve these issues for the Canadian population. 

Not only are dental implants, dental hygiene, and dentures more affordable but are now “near me.”

Individuals in the Toronto region can now find dental practices and denture clinics near them more readily.  These practices can also now offer financial assistance or even assistance on how to obtain dental services totally free of charge.  Government programs as well as financing options can be offered.  Denture care is stressed now, and dentures are formed more scientifically and can fit the face more naturally now.  Implants are also more advanced and affordable.  No matter what the dental problem, however, a trip to a good denture clinic or dental practice in Toronto that is “near me” should be part and parcel of an overall plan for good health by individuals. 

About Osmin Denture Clinic  

This dental practice in Toronto will assist patients who can’t afford routine dental care with overall costs by offering a wide selection of resources and payment options to patients.  No patient is ever turned away and low-income patients are a primary focus, ensuring that those of low income can enjoy good dental health.  There is no obligation for the free consultation and there are even “house calls” to nursing facilities and those that are homebound.  Email, phone and Web site exist for ease of appointments.  Denture care, dental implants, and full and partial dentures are offered, as well as routine dental hygiene maintenance.  Emergency care also is available. 

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