Reemo Delivers Two New Tracks In 2020

Reemo Delivers Two New Tracks In 2020
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The past couple of weeks have been hectic for most, but Chicago’s own Reemo has kept his spirits high by delivering not one, but two new tracks; “Baby Daddy” and “My Love.”

“My Love” came first and a mere week later Reemo was back at it with even more thanks to “Baby Daddy.” His premier 2020 single, produced by DeVon Carlos, showcases his vocal abilities and R&B influences with his natural talents coming through. While “Baby Daddy” puts his rhymes in the spotlight. And they truly shine as bright as the sun on a summer day. There is a true confidence that comes from him when he raps. One any listener can sense in an instant. Motivated by his passion, Reemo puts everything and then some into his music and it shows. 

A family man, Reemo is pushing his artistry not only for himself but for his loved ones. He has always known his musical abilities, but only recently decided to go for it and share them with the world by working on his own music and putting it all out on the line to share with fans of both R&B and hip hop. 

Those interested in adding new hip hop and/or R&B to their playlists, featuring “Baby Daddy” and/or “My Love” on their site, or interviewing Reemo for their site or on their station or podcast can reach out via the information provided below. 

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Reemo is a Midwest-based rapper with two new singles available now; “Baby Daddy” and “My Love.” One showcases his R&B side and vocal abilities, while the other puts his rhymes in the driver’s seat. Each represents a side of him, but both are worth the ride.

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