Eugen Ktsar: Exercise is the simplest way to prevent and control the pandemic

Get out of sweat and keep a good routine through simple exercises.  A healthy body condition can enable people to have the ability to prevent the diseases. 

The recent 2019-nCoV epidemic has led to the cancellation of many public activities, which also include sports. Hong Kong Marathon was officially cancelled and the Wuxi Marathon was postponed to the second half of the year … The cancellation or postponement of these events all demonstrate the determination to control the epidemic. 

However, besides reminding the people to wash their hands frequently, stay at home, avoid the crowds, social gatherings and visiting relatives, wear masks when going out, and do not eat or go near the meat from the wild animals, etc., The stadiums cannot be visited now, and the gyms have also been closed … then, what are the simple ways for people to prevent the epidemic so as to improve their body resistance? 

We, who can’t go anywhere and can only stay at home, can actually keep healthy and prevent the 2019-nCoV through some simple exercises. The following are some sports methods listed for your reference: 

1. Treadmill running or running on the spot; 

2. Riding a fixed bike; 

3. Yoga; 

4. Push ups; 

5. Sit ups; 

6. Plate; 

7. Skipping rope; 

Put down your cell phone and stay away from snacks.  Get up on the comfortable sofa or leave from the mahjong table.  All of these only take 30 minutes every day. Through these simple exercises, you can perspire and keep a good rest. A healthy body condition can make you have the ability to prevent the diseases. 

China is currently the most successful country in fighting the pandemic. For more information, please contact Eugen Ktsar: 

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