AXLOIE Goin Wireless Earbuds: Best Affordable Pick for Workout in 2020

Too busy to work out? Your belly is getting bigger and bigger? The sub-health condition is getting more and more serious? 2020 is a brand new start, time to change. Starts to develop an effective exercise plan to build your body right now. Prepare your sports equipment such as sportswear, body fat scales, knee pads, etc. before engaging in sports activities, as the so-called workman must first sharpen his tools.

Exercising is tough, but will be more fun with music because music is a powerful accelerator for sports. So, you should consider getting a pair of wireless workout Bluetooth headphones. Many people said that they felt bored when doing sports, but after listening to music or podcast with headphones, they found that they could run farther and persist longer. Before choosing sports headsets, we suggest that you read our guide first to find your ideal ‘music companion’.

How to Buy the Right Workout Earbuds

When picking workout earbuds, you should mainly consider sports factors instead of common standards (such as Bluetooth specifications, unit size, sound transmission protocol, etc.). Some specific features help you exercise comfortably and protect your headphones from injury, such as: Choose the right sized eartips; wireless can prevent the earphones from being pulled and damaged during doing sports; waterproof and sweatproof performance is very important, if you sweat a lot, you need a pair of durable headphones with high-level waterproof and sweatproof resistance.

Here are the following 3 most important factors you should give priority to:

1. Comfort

Comfort is definitely key to superior workout earbuds. A pair of comfortable-fit earbuds can prevent your ears from hurting, helping you focus more on exercise. In the selection of sports headphones, you should pay attention to the design of the headphones and see if they are perfect for your ears.

When wearing your new headsets for the first time, check the size of ear tips and foreign body sensations, shake your head or jump up to check the stability. Although the most popular in-ear true wireless headphones are now free of fetters, most of them are unable to cope with frequent running and jumping movements and easily fall from the ears. If your ears are small, you might often adjust the position when wearing in-ear headphones.

Luckily, those with ear-hooks can save a lot of trouble, and they’re also the most stable ones of wireless sports headphones currently, without falling even during strenuous exercise. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you choose a pair of ear-hook workout headsets.

2. Waterproof Rating

Sweat and rainwater are acidic, which easily erodes the materials of the headphones, so the waterproof rating is also an important assessment standard. The waterproof rating is “IPXX”: the first “X” stands for dust protection and the second “X” stands for water resistance. The larger the number, the better.

At present, the waterproof coefficient is IPX0 ~ 8. The highest level IPX8 means that the earbuds can directly immerse in water, and you can wear them when swimming. Basically, level 5 can prevent the jet of water, so level IPX5 waterproof is also called a professional level. However, the truth is that most of the earphones on the market are only adopted IPX4 rating, but there are many types of sports, and people sweat differently, so do not regard IPX4 as the main basis for sports waterproof.

If you often run or do high-intensity exercise, choose the right workout earphones. For example: if the exercise exceeds 1 hour every time, more than 3 times a week, it is recommended to use IPX6 ~ 7; if the exercise only takes 30 ~ 40 minutes each time, less than 3 times a week, then IPX4 is totally fine.

3. Battery Life

Battery life is the most easily overlooked factor, many people often forget to charge the earphones. It is recommended to choose suitable headsets for the hours you usually exercise so that you can charge them directly after exercise, and you don’t need to spend time thinking about how much power is left in the headsets.

If you’re an exercise enthusiast and exercise more than 3 times a week, and spend 1 hour each time, you should choose the earbuds with more than 8 hours battery life so that you don’t have to charge them too often; if you do less than 3 times a week, then 5-8 hours battery life is enough. If you want things to be simple, you can also choose the ones with a super long-lasting battery life, which may not be often charged. But don’t worry, many earbuds equipped with a charging case that can provide you with extra juice.

Best Workout Earbuds Under 50 in 2020

Based on the above three factors, we think that wireless earhook sports headphones are the best choice. The high-end workout headphones like Beats Powerbeats Pro($249.95) are great for iPhone users but they are not necessary to invest in for the average consumer. What’s more, Powerbeats Pro charges via a lightning cable which isn’t quite common for those who use an Android phone. If you’re looking for an affordable and excellent substitute for less than $50, AXLOIE Goin workout earbuds are a better option($45.99).

What about the quality? Our team has been tested their sports factors.

In terms of affordability, AXLOIE Goin Bluetooth workout earbuds are a wiser choice. The fit is made more stable and comfortable by adjustable skin-friendly ear-hooks, multiple sizes of well-inserted ear tips and ultra-light materials, you name it. Plus, the multi-function button is round and large, which means that they’re easier to operate when doing sports. Thanks to the IPX7 rating, you can sweat it out in the gym or in the outdoors without worrying about durability. As for the battery life, AXLOIE Goin can last for 5 hours per charge and the 400mAh portable magnetic charging case can provide the headsets with an extra 20 hours. In conclusion, if you’re just the average consumer looking for your wireless workout headphones, AXLOIE is definitely a great option.

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