Atlanta-Based Personal Trainer David Reagan Shares His Plan To Serve Clients During Coronavirus Pandemic

Atlanta, GA – David Reagan, a personal trainer to executives and high-end clients in Atlanta, Georgia, shares his plan to continue serving his clients during the coronavirus pandemic.

David Reagan, NASM certified personal trainer based in Atlanta, Georgia, will continue to serve his clients while keeping them safe in the current coronavirus pandemic. As part of his philosophy that everyone can make fitness a priority regardless of busy schedules and circumstances, David believes that it is not only possible but also essential to keep an active lifestyle while isolating yourself.

As gatherings are being restricted, people are being encouraged to practice social distancing, and many businesses are closing, including gyms and exercise classes, David Reagan will continue offering his current services to high-end executives and other clients in the Atlanta area remotely.

In an interview posted to Vizaca, David Reagan stated, “I think my holistic approach is something that my clients appreciate me for. I don’t just help them train their bodies, but make their lives better overall.”

David Reagan’s plan to continue services for his clients include Zoom calls, virtual training sessions, remote running sessions, and diaphragmatic breathing lessons. In the Zoom calls, David will make sure each client is all set up with a nutrition program to support their immune systems and fitness routines that can be done at home due to most gyms being closed.

David’s virtual training sessions will include weights for clients who have access and bodyweight exercises for each client to continue on track in their fitness and mental health journeys. Remote running sessions will occur at a scheduled time and involve all clients to keep the community alive and interacting. Diaphragmatic breathing lessons will help clients improve lung function.

In addition to the assistance he is providing for his clients at this time, David Reagan is also encouraging other personal trainers to become wellness coaches for their current and future clients and spread the knowledge by talking on social media platforms about maintaining fitness and sanity through at-home workouts during the quarantine. These platforms can create a sense of community despite the isolation and are proving very important currently, not only for sharing information but also for participating in community activities remotely.

David Reagan seeks to bring his community together during this time of separation as well as maintaining their health. As many people are making the transition to working from home, this is a perfect time to also establish at-home fitness regimens. Focusing more on better nutrition will also not only keep clients healthy but will help them get over illnesses more quickly. David Reagan aims to help his clients in all aspects of their life by improving fitness and nutrition habits in the long run.

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