Students Have No Treble Learning in Ogden School Districts Music Programs

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When music class is announced at Heritage Elementary School, cheers erupt in the classroom. In Ogden School District, music education programs help kids develop lifelong skills like memorization, coordination, and creative thinking. General music classes are provided to students in kindergarten through third grade. Guitar classes are also taught to students in grades four through six.

The music classes in Ogden School District provide students the opportunity to learn to play instruments and sharpen vocal techniques, while also gaining a sense of belonging and joy in the classroom that cannot be replicated through any other curriculum. The benefits of music education range from students getting better SAT scores, to building self-confidence.

In the Ogden School District music teachers strive to help students accomplish goals in three different areas, becoming tuneful, “beatful”, and artful. 

Becoming tuneful means students can sing in school, social functions, or to friends and family. Being tuneful helps students feel comfortable singing and getting creative with music!

Students develop “beatful” skills so that they can stay on beat while dancing, cheering or completing any kind of action. Keeping a beat has even been linked with improved reading fluency. 

Students become artful in Ogden School District’s music programs by learning to appreciate music in all forms. When students are immersed in music they understand how it can transcend words and help to express emotion.

Music educators in Ogden School District strive to create students competent in all of these areas while also creating a comfortable and fun environment. Ogden’s music teachers attend several professional development programs and receive multiple certifications to help provide top of the line music education. Three music teachers have also attended the Orff Schulwerk National Conference, which focuses on nourishing the musicality of every child. The teachers see the rewards for their hard work when parents and students sing the songs from class continually and find joy from it! Demya Murdock, a music teacher in the district expressed, “It warms my heart to know that I am giving students songs that they can share with their families.”

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Established in 1849, Ogden City School District is an inner-city district, enriched by multicultural diversity. Ogden School District is committed to providing safe learning environments that stimulate our students’ curiosities, promote continuous improvement, and serve our surrounding communities. We believe that each student has the right to be appropriately challenged through a variety of academic and extra-curricular opportunities, should have access to high quality instruction, and should be supported in their effort to exceed the basic standards.The district strives to provide students and families with programmatic choice through a variety of academic and extra-curricular opportunities.

The Ogden School District consists of thirteen neighborhood elementary schools (K-6), three junior high schools (7-9), two comprehensive high schools (10-12), one alternative high school and one youth-in care school. The district faculty and staff serve approximately 11,500 students and their families. Ogden School District’s vision is to empower excellence through education!

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