Creative Biogene Is Ready to Fight Against COVID-19

The spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused tragedy across dozens of countries. With an unrelenting drive in the biotechnology research area, Creative Biogene releases its potential to fight against the virus.

The novel coronavirus outbreak, now termed as COVID-19, and its fast spread to many countries, endanger thousands of lives. The rapid detection of pathogens is of great significance for timely and correct treatment of patients, thus contributing to timely control and rapid suppression.

DNA extraction is one of the most critical steps in disease identification and patient diagnosis, providing a solid foundation for further analysis. In order to successfully and safely harvest genomic materials from patient samples, substantial research effort has been put in novel extraction technologies among which magnetizable solid-phase support (MSPS) stood out.

Based in China and expanding rapidly, CBTM has been working closely with scientists from institutes around the world, aiming to drive technological advancements in biotechnology. Creative Biogene is the exclusive distributor CBTM Magnetic-Nanoparticle DNA Extraction Systems which might contribute to the global fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

“MSPS-based DNA extraction is better than the conventional ones in two aspects.” Introduced by a senior scientist at Creative Biogene, “the first one is safety, because MSPS-based extraction requires no organic solvent; the second advantage is that the equipment is fully automated, so the operation is quite easy.”

To enlarge the global detectability for COVID-19, Creative Biogene offers CB-MX32 MSPS-Based DNA Extraction Systems which facilitate rapid first response to the pandemic outbreak, and the system, with high mobility, allows lighter workload in molecular biology laboratory or laboratory responsible for high-throughput DNA extraction.

Key features

• DNA extraction based on MSPS technology
• Capability to process up to 48 samples (additional upgrade module required) simultaneously
• 8 independently operating heating modules allowing for precise temperature control on all steps
• 3 different levels of shaking
• On-board storage for over 500 different programs which can be initiated at any given steps

In addition, The CBTM sample collection kit, including sample collection tubes, oral swab, sterilized cotton pad and user manual, was developed and assembled specifically for harvesting, transporting, and briefly storing potentially contagious patient specimens containing total DNA/RNA such as whole blood, saliva, serum, body fluids, etc. Deactivating preservatives included in the kits function in preparing the samples for further investigations such as DNA extraction, PCR, and so on.

COVID-19 is a huge challenge to all the countries around the world, and every government official and every scientist are focusing on fighting against it. Empowered by leading technology and years of experience in biomedical science, Creative Biogene also leaps into action on providing biotechnical products and services to global clients, playing an active part to win the war against COVID-19.

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