How One Platform Helps Those Who Work For Tips During the Global Pandemic ( announced that its patent pending platform recently launched after years of development. The new online video platform aims to help tipped employees across the nation earn extra income; and in addition, that platform would remain free during the current public health crisis. is an art and culture destination; offering tipped employees a free venue where they can upload videos of their life, goals, inspiration, art, music, services, and other activities, as well as connect with other workers currently struggling to supplement their incomes. 

Visitors to the site can view the uploaded material, follow and support specific contributors, up-vote favorites, and tip the Tipped Workers for their efforts. The tips are then relayed back to video contributors through PayPal, with no platform fees.

“Massive U.S. layoffs and statewide-mandated furloughs have placed an enormous burden upon an already struggling workforce,” said John Eric, MyTipLife. 

“Most Tipped Workers have struggled for years to make ends meet, with substandard wages and long hours. Living from week to week, they now have no money set aside during this outbreak. And with states across the nation shutting down salons, restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, and a wide variety of other jobs that service providers rely upon, it’s become a real financial crisis. That’s why we’re offering our free Patent Pending platform right now, earlier than planned. It’s one solid way for Tipped Workers to try and make ends meet. They can be found by their customers, upload videos, give updates, and share creativity, making a lot of fun!” “My Tips, My Life”

Some features of the platform include: 

  • My Tips: The platform allows for digital tipping to the Tipped Workers Profile. Visitors can upvote, comment on, discuss, and tip videos and Tipped Workers, that excite their interest.
  • No Charges or Fees: Video contributors receive 100% of their tips through PayPal, minus any PayPal fees. There are absolutely no hidden platform charges or fees. 
  • QR Codes and Personal Branding: The platform supports and encourages personal branding as a way to grow a loyal audience for each contributor. QR codes and personalized products are supported and recommended, allowing contributors an easy way to give fans access to a contributor’s specific material.  This will be available for the Tipped Worker once they get back to work!
  • My Life: is rooted in life and culture. Contributors are welcome to use it as a launching pad for a whole range of artistic pursuits, life goals, and entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Art is a refuge, as well as a viable way to earn income. Many Tipped Workers are also musicians, street poets, freelance writers, graphic artists, actors, performers, and entertainers. gives Tipped Workers a venue for their extracurricular pursuits, allowing them to monetize those activities and begin building that all-important social following. 

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